In the early morning hours of June 25, a group of masked robbers broke into a family of four’s Texas home. 

According to a statement from the Fort Bend County Sheriff’s Office, the homeowner said “three masked black suspects broke through the front door and hit him.”

The suspects, one of whom appeared armed, allegedly grabbed the family’s 7-year-old son and filled up a bathtub with hot water. 

Fort Bend County Sheriff’s Office

The suspects allegedly used the child as a “device” to get the family to tell them where their valuables were in the home. The statement read: 

In an attempt to get information, the culprits held the 7-year-old boy in a bath tub, causing injuries to the son.

For at least 40 minutes, the robbers allegedly “repeatedly” dunked the boy in and out of the water. Police described the child as being “tortured.”

After roughly an hour in the home, the three suspects escaped with “various items from the home,” including cash and cell phones. 

When police arrived, the father and 7-year-old boy were taken the hospital for injuries. The child had water in his lungs from the “torture.”

 Sheriff Troy Nehls said

“This is the worst kind of crime against a family. Three crooks forcing their way into a home in the middle of the night is appalling. To make matters worse, they accosted a 7-year-old child. They’re cowards, to say the least.” 

The father is a local business owner and may have been targeted, KHOU reports.

Luckily, the family’s security cameras captured images of the suspects. Police believe at least one of the suspects is female.

They are currently offering up to $25,000 for information leading to their arrest.

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