Actor and comedian Rob Delaney opened up on Twitter about his first Christmas following the death of his 2-year-old son in January.

The “Catastrophe” actor provided insight into how he, his two older sons, and his wife coped during the Christmas holiday.

Delaney tweeted:

Our first Christmas without Henry came & went. The day itself was okay, maybe because there were so many horrible, painful days leading up to it; we must have hit our quota or something. We talked about him a lot & included his memory throughout the day.

According to BuzzFeed News, in February the “Deadpool 2” cast member revealed that his son, Henry, had lost his battle with cancer in January.

In part, he wrote:

I am astonished by the love-in-action displayed by Henry’s mom and his brothers. They are why I will endeavor to not go mad with grief. I don’t want to miss out on their beautiful lives. I’m greedy for more experiences with them.

The NHS nurses and doctors and the home carers and charity workers who helped our family survive Henry’s illness will be my heroes until the day I die. I am desperately sad right now, but I can say with authority that there is good in this world.

Delaney recently tweeted that he doesn’t post on social media as a form of therapy but more as “an effort to destigmatize grief.”

He added:

Tweets like this aren’t therapeutic to me, nor are they “updates”. I just want other bereaved parents & siblings to feel seen/heard/respected/loved. And maybe they might help someone not schooled in grief support a friend better. I don’t know.

He went on to share a photo of his late son at the zoo looking at a tiger.

The actor also shared a photo of him and his deceased son on Father’s Day wishing well to all parents in similar situations.

Delaney continues to receive words of comfort and empathy from fans and other celebrities.

Among the supporters were actress Mia Farrow and the executive producer of “The Ellen Show,” Andy Lassner.

As BuzzFeed reports, Lassner and Farrow both sent their “love” to Delaney and his family during this time. Fans also shared their tragedies in an effort to comfort and empathize with the grieving dad.

One fan tweeted:

Beautiful boy ?  Life isn’t fair. Twenty three years ago I lost my son to a long illness. The memories will become stronger forging a bridge in your broken hearts. Let the tears fall, let the anger rage and pass. Sending a virtual hug to you both.

Tons of other parents reached out to Delaney as well, sharing their pictures of lost loved ones and words of support.

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