Marking the Oscars in a recycled gown is normally a dull red carpet moment, but for legendary actress Rita Moreno, vintage was the way to go this awards show.

For Sunday night’s 2018 Academy Awards, the 86-year-old actress chose to keep it simple yet elegant. She went into her closet and “dusted off” the same black and gold gown she previously wore to the 1962 Oscars—when she won the award for Best Supporting Actress for her role in “West Side Story.”

Moreno told E!’s Ryan Seacrest that the dress was hanging in her closet.

She thought fans would enjoy a glimpse of the past and tweeted on Feb. 27: “Wait till you see what I am wearing.”

And fans loved it.

One fan tweeted: “I can’t fit into jeans from high school,” but Rita Moreno is able to wear a dress from 1962.

The “One Day at a Time star” told Seacrest that she thought the dress, designed in Manila, would tarnish.

Moreno said:

 “The fabric is made out of obi, which is the sash that Japanese women use on their kimonos. They’re usually folded over and over and over, this is one piece of fabric.”

Gown preservation in an airtight garment box is the best way to retain a gown’s color, fabric, and shape.

But Moreno’s glamorous gown survived 56 years and it still fit.

However, the Hollywood legend did update her iconic look for the 2018 Oscars by modifying the boatneck gown into a strapless sweetheart silhouette and adding statement jewelry and accessories for a bolder statement.

Rita Moreno is the first Latin actress to win an Emmy, a Grammy, an Oscar, and a Tony. Her infamous 1962 Oscars speech was only 15 seconds because she didn’t think she would win, reports E news.

Moreno told Seacrest:

“I was sure it was going to be Judy Garland.”

Garland had been nominated for “Judgment at Nuremberg.”

Moreno now stars in the television show “One Day at a Time,” a Netflix reboot of Norman Lear’s 1975 sitcom. The New York Times reports that at the Golden Globes in January, Moreno did the red carpet her own way own again and arrived at the show with 86-year-old Norman Lear—on a red scooter:

The legendary performer and history-making Hollywood hero to many was one of Sunday night’s best Oscar moments.

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