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When Juan Carlos Beristain learned about the sick dad who loved his soup, he started making special deliveries.

As WGN reports, Beristain owns JC’s Cafe, a restaurant in Cary, Illinois. He’s also the chef that created their famous homemade vegetable soup. He makes it every morning and uses only fresh, seasonal vegetables.

Beristain says that whenever people try his soup, “they get in love with it.”

One of the fans of the soup is Noah Dionesotes. Unfortunately, the dad-of-two isn’t able to get to JC’s Cafe very often — despite the fact that he lives near the restaurant.

Dionesotes has multiple sclerosis and has been going through chemotherapy to treat his condition. The dad is now confined to a wheelchair. Between his mobility problems and medical needs, going out regularly for Beristain’s soup wasn’t an option. Instead, he had to rely on his mother to drop by JC’s Cafe and bring him soup when she could.

About a year ago, Beristain read a Facebook post from Dionesotes about how much the dad loved his soup. After learning that Dionesotes was only about 15 minutes away, Beristain decided to surprise him with a special soup delivery.

The restaurant owner told ABC News that during that first delivery, he was, “in shock,” over what Dionesotes was going through. After talking to Dionesotes’ wife and children, he decided to keep bringing the soup. He also told the dad to keep his focus on getting well:

“I told him that I would take care of him. He’s really trying to collect some money to get a procedure that could save his life. So, I told him to stop wasting money on soup.”

Dionesotes told WGN that he remembers how touched he was when Beristain refused to take any money:

“He’s like, ‘I only want to see you get better.'”

The dad was in for another surprise when Beristain came back with more free soup.

“The second time he brought it, I was like, ‘he’s not lying,'” said Dionesotes.

For the past year, Beristain has continued to stop by Dionesotes’ home several times a week to deliver the dad’s favorite soup. Over time, the pair have become good friends. Beristain told WGN:

“I really feel when other people are in pain. I felt that I could help him at least by delivering the soup that he likes, with the nutrition that is going to help him.”

Beristain says he’s trying to imitate his parents’ example, both of whom were “givers.” Beristain and his family will soon be closing JC’s Cafe to return to Mexico and help his father, whose health is declining.

But even in Mexico, Beristain might have the opportunity to bring Dionesotes more soup. The dad is currently raising money via GoFundMe for stem cell treatment in Mexico. As the clinic is only a few hours away, Beristain hopes to visit Dionesotes while the dad is undergoing treatment.

Dionesotes says that Beristain is “a saint,” and, “an amazing human.” But Beristain insists that kindness and charity are just, “the right thing to do.” As he told WGN:

“Every time you help somebody that appreciates what you do, that is your reward.”

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