In late September, Applebee’s Bar & Grill announced that it would serve $1 margaritas — known as “Dollaritas” — for customer appreciation month during October.

My husband and I decided to give the restaurant a chance. But the Dollaritas were, in our opinion, unpalatable. (You can read the full review here.)

When the chain restaurant announced a “sequel to the Dollarita,” a Long Island Iced Tea known as “Dollar L.I.T.,” we decided to give Applebee’s a second chance.

Why not? We like living dangerously. And the early Twitter reviews on December 1 seemed promising.

We each went with a dollar in our pocket. But we ended up spending way more.

The Dollar L.I.T. was better than we anticipated. Personally, I don’t drink Long Island Iced Teas, but this one had a distinct soda taste, and it had a solid amber color. It was a little watered down, but I’d argue that it was still more than worth the $1 we paid.

With other beverage options at the bar, we didn’t bother to drink a second one, but we stayed at the restaurant and had a follow-up beer. Then, unexpectedly, we ordered dinner.

It turns out we weren’t the only ones who came for the $1 drinks and ended up staying for the food, something we hadn’t considered trying during the first visit.

Essentially, the marketing trap got the best of us. But we didn’t mind the random, cheap date night.

Since it was a Friday night, the bar area was packed, and bartenders were busy slinging both glass and plastic cups of Dollar L.I.T.

A spokesperson for Applebee’s told BuzzFeed Food that Long Island Ice Tea is one of the restaurant’s “top five bestselling cocktails.” The dollar beverage includes “1.5 ounces of spirit … in each drink.”

During the Dollarita month, a bartender revealed that the margarita was essentially water and cheap margarita mix.

On Twitter, a person asked if an Applebee’s bartender was brave enough to reveal the secret behind the Dollar L.I.T.

Surprisingly, someone responded…

In a press release, the company wrote that the recipe for the Dollar L.I.T. was pretty straightforward:

It’s made with a combination of five spirits: rum, vodka, gin, tequila and triple sec. We pour the spirits over ice, add sweet and sour mix, and top it off with a splash of cola for a delicious cocktail. Exact spirit brands may vary, but they are all prepared with the same amount of 75-proof alcohol.

Even though the Dollar L.I.T. is allegedly made in batches using a similar process as the Dollarita, most people didn’t seem to mind:

The Dollar L.I.T. will be available during the month of December at participating locations. But if you’re planning on going for $1 drinks, be sure to set a budget before you go.

This is just our experience with the Dollar L.I.T. What did you think? Let us know in the comments below.

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