After a mom popped out her daughter four weeks ago, she spent days agonizing over the family member who stole her baby’s name.

She doesn’t know if she’s being completely irrational or hormonal, but her niece gave her new baby the same name as her daughter’s name and it made her mad.

The anonymous mother under the username “GreyEyed” took to Mumsnet to ask if she’s being unreasonable for being upset after finding out her close relative used the same name as she did.

The mother explained that her family is relatively small and she and her niece see one another frequently. She wrote:

I think they will see each other quite a bit … We are a relatively small family and they still come to my mums every weekend and we are all there.

I know I don’t own the name.

According to the thread posted November 3, the name in question isn’t a family name. She wrote:

My daughter was born 4 weeks ago [still in hospital] as she arrived premature.
[My] niece gave birth yesterday morning and named her the same name.

The woman added:

I’m a bit hurt tbh [to be honest]. AIBU [Am I being unreasonable]?

She’s wondering if her anger is justified, or is it “just the hormones?” Her post prompted a stream of replies from fellow users:

I have to admit, I wouldn’t be too happy. I know no one owns a name, but I would be put out that out if all the names out there, it had to be the same bloody one …

It would annoy me as they were born so close together. I’d think ‘really, of all the names in the world you had to pick the exact same one as my dc within weeks of me naming it?!’ If they were a generation apart [as I thought you were going to say] wouldn’t bother me.

Not this again! Let’s be kind and say it’s the hormones causing you to react so irrationally OP. It’s perfectly normal for people who are related to share a name, and your [nieces] child isn’t that close a relation. I hope both babies are healthy. Congratulations.

Why are you hurt? … I don’t see the problem tbh, you don’t own the name.

Do you think this mom is overreacting?

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