Nicole Curtis, the host of DIY Network’s “Rehab Addict,” suffered an anxiety attack last Thursday amid an ongoing custody dispute with her ex-boyfriend, Shane Maguire, according to Fox News.

Curtis, 41, wrote on Instagram that the attack was “pretty intense” since the stress of the custody battle was compounded by the holiday season.

“This is a weekend away from my little one,” she wrote. “It’s never going to be something I get used to.”


The caption accompanied a photo of Curtis on a hike with her friends. She wrote that the brief excursion with one of her “mom groups” helped get her mind off the separation from 2-year-old Harper.

She found it helpful to unplug for a few hours and celebrate the first winter snowfall. But she admitted that she was uncomfortable spending time away from her toddler.


For the past two years, Curtis and Maguire have been involved in a legal battle over parental custody of their son.

As Dearly previously reported, a few weeks ago, Maguire accused Curtis of breastfeeding in order to prevent equal custody, a claim that Curtis has vehemently denied.

According to court documents, Curtis is now in the process of weaning Harper — though she asked the judge to deny Maguire’s request for more visitation.

Curtis has been open about her family troubles since the court denied her request to keep the legal case sealed. She recently wrote on Facebook that she hopes to find peace “for the sake of my children.”

Many of Curtis’s fans wrote supportive messages on Instagram to encourage the TV host to stay strong during the holidays:

Right there with you. Had a good cry in the car tonight because of this…it’s never going to be the same.

I went thru this 25+ years ago. My ex and I were divorced when my son was 2 weeks old. It’s so not an easy situation to be in, that is for sure. Sending you prayers, hugs and love.

Nicole, hang in there, holidays are the hardest times to be apart from kids.

Just keep doing what you are doing. Focus on the kiddo everything else will sort itself out. Just do what is best for him in each situation.

The separation from Harper this weekend may have been a blow for Curtis. But a few hours after her hike, the TV celebrity and mom of two caught her breath. She returned to social media and wrote an energetic post in hopes of raising money for families in need during the holiday season.

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