Reese Witherspoon’s 18-year-old daughter went from working summer jobs to posing for high-end modeling gigs thanks to her first photo shoot for luxury clothing brand Rodarte, as Dearly previously reported.

Ava Phillippe, the eldest daughter of Witherspoon and ex-husband Ryan Phillippe, is all grown up and stepping into a career of her own, according to People.

She posed alongside mom-to-be Kirsten Dunst for Rodarte’s Fall Winter portrait series, and fans once again couldn’t help but notice the uncanny resemblance the teen has to her famous parents.

Ava Phillippe/Instagram

The 18-year-old model posted photos from the shoot to her Instagram, where many fans commented that she looked just like a “young Reese” and was her mom’s “doppelgänger.”

Some even pointed out that she was a perfect mixture of mom and dad. One fan wrote:

I have always thought you looked alike Reese. But now you have exactly Ryan’s face!

Comments about the teen’s uncanny resemblance to her famous folks are nothing new, according to earlier reports.

When Ava was photographed working as a waitress at a Hollywood pizzeria last year, her shockingly similar appearance to her mother ignited a firestorm on social media.

But now some fans are saying that the constant comparisons to her parents could be harmful to the teen.

Ava Phillippe/Instagram

One Instagram user pointed out that the 18-year-old is her own person, and should be appreciated regardless of who her parents are. They wrote:

I’ve never met you and yet I’m sick of everyone telling you look like your parents on your behalf. You are your own gorgeous soul. Shine bright! You are so much more than your parent’s child.

Others applauded the teen for standing on her own two feet and staying a positive role model. One fan wrote that she was inspiring “young girls to make a difference.”

In another comment on Ava’s post, a makeup artist who worked on the shoot even said that she was a “dream to work with.”

It appears fans think the teen has a lot more going for her than just her parents’ looks. Regardless, it seems she’s just appreciative of her new place in the spotlight for now.

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