Actress Reese Witherspoon has been charming audiences since 1991’s “The Man in the Moon.”

Since then, Witherspoon has jumped from one silver screen hit to the next with “Pleasantville,” “American Pyscho,” “Legally Blonde,” and the Academy Award nominated “Wild.” Needless to say, Witherspoon’s been hard at work.

And it appears like mother, like daughter.


Photos of Witherspoon’s 17-year-old daughter, Ava Phillippe, show the celebrity daughter putting in her own hours as a hostess at a Hollywood pizzeria, the Daily Mail reports.

Apparently, her star-studded family, which includes father actor Ryan Phillippe, is not above teaching their child to work a traditional teenage-appropriate summer job.

It’s hard to overlook one small detail — she looks just like her mom. Fans are jumping to point out their shocking similarities:

This isn’t the first time fans flipped at their look-alike status. Back in June, the “Legally Blonde” actress posted a photo of the pair, and followers couldn’t help but say #twinning:

One user wrote:

“Twinning with her daughter. They look like the same person…”

The photo even inspired fans to have look-alike kids of their own. Another commenter said:

“This is just goals. I now want a daughter who will grow up to look like me. I’ll name her after me…”

For reference, this is the 41-year-old actress back in 1991 next to a photo of her daughter:


Uncanny, don’t you think?

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me and my "straight-shooter" ❤️

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We won’t blame you if you need to do a double take — we did, too.

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