Planning your Halloween trick-or-treating to include the houses that give out full-size candy bars is a childhood tradition. But is there a point when it goes too far?

As CBS New York reports, Bergen County, New Jersey is home to lots of celebrities. And realtor Rebecca LaPira knows where many of them live.

For the past several years, LaPira has been distributing the “ultimate” trick-or-treating list for local children. It includes addresses for many celebrities, including Tracy Morgan, Alicia Keys, Chris Rock, Mary J. Blige, the Modell family (of the sporting goods chain), Stevie Wonder, Dr. Oz, and more.

Here it is! My annual celebrity Trick or Treat tour of Bergen County ????#CelebrityHalloween #RemaxSignatureHomes

Posted by Rebecca LaPira on Wednesday, October 24, 2018

LaPira says the celebrities tend to give out excellent goodies. She told CBS that New York Yankee CC Sabathia “has a new theme every year of characters and king size candy bars, he really gets into it the most.”

She added that the Modell family gives out $5 gift cards to Modell’s along with king size candy bars.

The list is quite detailed. In 2016, she advised people via Facebook that the previous year, Sabathia had a Frozen theme with carnival games and a hot dog cart — and that the neighbor across the street handed out $5 Visa gift cards. She also provided parking advice for anyone wanting to trick or treat at the home of a pharmaceutical executive who hired actors for the night.

The realtor is aware that the celebrities on the list value their privacy, but she sees no harm in publicizing their addresses once a year for the sake of Halloween fun. Lapira told CBS:

“In general, most of the homes do have gates and they are closed year round, but on this particular day let’s just welcome the kids in to have a good time.”

As property records, the information LaPira gives out is public. However, not everyone is thrilled with her list.

Robin Modell told CBS that LaPira’s list has brought them a level of extra attention that they never asked for:

“It’s kind of disturbing because she lists all our homes, who lives in every home, what we give.”

What’s more, the list has taken a lot of fun out of Halloween night for them as the number of trick-or-treaters has doubled. Modell told CBS:

“I would have 800 candy bars, huge Hershey candy bars, now we’re up to 1,500. We’ll sell out within two to three hours and they’ll be storming the doors. We’re happy to give it, but it’s crazy. It’s really crazy.”

The increased publicity isn’t just a problem for the celebrity homes on the list. Joy Lee isn’t famous, but she does live next to Chris Rock. Lee told CBS that the Halloween night crowd has spilled over to them, leaving her “nervous” about her security.

Modell told CBS that LaPira’s list has brought lots of extra unwelcome attention: “We’re all upset about it, we’re not happy.”

LaPira, however, says she hasn’t heard any complaints. Nor is she sympathetic to Modell’s concerns. As she wrote on Facebook, “Hey Modell’s — if you can’t afford the extra 800 candy bars — I’d be glad to drop some off for you. It’s all for the kids.”

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One Reply to “Realtor’s Celebrity Trick-or-Treat List Has Some of Its Wealthy Targets Annoyed and Overwhelmed”

  • Seriously 2 years ago

    Publishing anyone’s address is wrong and doing it for the express reason to fleece them is just as wrong. They do what they do on Halloween for the benefit of the children in their neighborhood not everyone in the city. If you continue to demand too much more then they may not want to participate at all and then the children in their neighborhood lose. Yeah they can afford it but they shouldn’t have to.

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