Tila Tequila obviously dotes on her daughter Isabella. But mixing motherly pride with comments about vaccines has put her in the hot seat.

Tila Tequila/Facebook

The reality star and social media celebrity recently shared a video of Isabella on her verified Facebook page. Admiring her daughter’s painting efforts, Tequila wrote about how much more “advanced” her daughter is than her peers and how well the little girl learns from her mother and father.

After praising how “awake and aware to the things going on in this world” her daughter is, Tequila added a short rant about her decision not to vaccinate her child. She wrote:

Thank God I never vaccinated her and inject her with poisons like most zombie parents! You’re out there harming your babies then toss them in daycare all day for strangers to take care of and you think you love them? Lol You’re blind! THEY could be injecting your children with hormones and whatever they want and you just let them? Sick!

Her anti-vaccine position immediately drew fire from commenters who were offended at being called “zombies,” and aghast at the suggestion that vaccines are harmful for children. One parent stated:

Parents put their children into daycare so they can work and provide for their families. My children are fully immunized, because I’m protecting them from disease. My two year old daughter has congenial heart disease with an extremely compromised immune system. If she were to catch whooping cough un-vaccinated … It would kill her.

Several people attempted to set Tequila straight. And a few expressed worry about what Tequila’s decision (and attitude) could do to her daughter. One wrote:

You are not protecting your child by keeping her away from society and vaccines. Vaccines have saved millions of lives. Why do you think there is a measles outbreak? Why do you think Polio is on the rise again in some places? God didn’t make that happen, people made that happen because they chose not to vaccinate their kids. I pray that someone gets help for you and that you wake up! CPS can take your daughter away from you if they read and watch all the things you are posting.

Another commenter simply stated:

I don’t think you understand vaccines … or poisons … or zombies…

Her comments about “tossing” children into daycare didn’t go over well, either. One mother wrote:

Tila excuse me, but you’re going to tell me that because my children go to daycare and are intelligently vaccinated to protect them from deadly diseases that I am a bad parent? Well let me tell you I am a single mother whose daycare bill is over 2000 a month […] I proudly work to support my children in the BEST way possible, but you wouldn’t know anything about what a real woman would do!

Nor was it the first time Tequila angered parents by suggesting that putting children in daycare is neglectful or harmful.

In a comment on an earlier Facebook video, Tequila said she uses the threat of daycare to get her daughter to behave:

I feel sorry for all the Mothers out there who have to leave their children behind to work a slave job instead of stay home to play and snuggle with their children! […] What 3 year old child wants to be stuck slaving away for 8 hours a day in a class full of rowdy children rather than stay home to play and snuggle? THAT IS WHAT GOD WANTS!

Quite a few mothers weighed in to tell Tequila exactly what they thought of her position on daycare and “what God wants:

Not all of us can be on TV and make a easy living by acting dumb on TV and making money that way. Stop judging other mothers that need to work to provide for their kids.

However, Tequila remains defiant. In a non-apology on her Facebook page, she noted that people had been getting “riled up” about her comments, then added:

I will take it upon myself to take it even a step further by praying that the Lord God strikes me down, breaks my teeth, breaks my bones, and strike me down with lightning if anything I have said so far has been of lies!

After saying that Jesus should strike her down if she is “a false prophet,” Tequila clarified that she isn’t afraid of any divine punishment for her comments about parenting and vaccines. She concluded:

“Because I am not a false prophet who has not told lies … God will NOT strike me down while everyone else gets struck down with calamity! LMAO!”

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