Editor’s Note: This article contains coarse language that may offend some readers. 

“Yummy Mummies” is an Australian reality TV show that follows four gorgeous, glamorous, and rich women as they navigate life with their “latest accessory: their baby bump!”

Despite initial eye-rolling at the start of the season over the series’ concept, viewers stayed tuned into Channel 7 and were introduced to Lorinska Merrington, Jane Scandizzo, Rachel Watts, and Maria DiGeronimo.

According to the Daily Mail, 34-year-old DiGeronimo, who hails from a wealthy Italian family in Adelaide, has been one of the most controversial cast members of the season.

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From her harsh judgment of prospective nannies to showing off a walk-in closet adorned with high-end designer clothes to last her then-unborn daughter until she is 14, DiGeronimo has not gotten through the season unscathed by viewer criticism.

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The reality mom has just kicked up controversy once again, but this time for a much more relatable topic. As reported by Kidspot, DiGeronimo has been slammed for her decision to pierce her 3-month-old daughter’s ears during the show’s season finale.

The man performing the piercing informed the DiGeronimos that most parents wait until their child is about 4 and that their daughter could risk an infection from having the procedure done.

Still, the new mother decided to go through with it, incurring the outrage of viewers:

Some even questioned the ethics behind it:

Others didn’t think the Aussie mother was in the right frame of mind:



Others called the decision cruel:

While another commenter thought the move was a step in the wrong direction:

Even the size of the baby’s studs were called out for being over-the-top:

One commenter was particularly concerned by the baby’s other jewelry featured in the episode, writing on an Instagram post of DiGeronimo and Valentina:

The gorgeous jewelry you have bought Valentina really is unsafe for her to wear at her age. The ring can easily find its way into her mouth and the necklace could get entangled and choke her. Perhaps put them aside until she’s a little older.

The camera captured DiGeronimo bracing herself for the sound of the piercing gun to click before Valentina can be heard wailing once the piercing is complete. The tense moment was hard to watch and likely had some viewers upset.

Screenshot/Channel 7

DiGeronimo, however, assured cameras that Valentina was back to giggling just two minutes later.

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