Today is Valentine’s Day 2019 and in celebration of love, Dearly is sharing some of their readers’ “first date” stories.

Keep reading for photos and stories that will make you believe true love still exists.

From Christine Harmison:

“Our first date was a blind date and my car broke down it wouldn’t start when I was on my way to the pizza place I called to cancel but he asked me what kind of car did I drive. He met me and had a battery and alternator and fixed my car. I offered to pay him when I got paid on Friday because I was a single mom with two kids. He said no you are not paying me anything. He was such a great man he was so good to me and my kids for the next several years that we dated we married in 2003 my son walked me down the isle. We then got custody of his children and now had six kids all together. We have been happily married 16 years. He is a wonderful husband, dad, and granddad. He is the love of my life.”

From Brittney Crockett:

“My husband and I met on a military base!

First date was to the race track! We both LOVE cars!
We had so much fun and was married 3 weeks later?

Now we have been married 10 years and have 3 amazing little boys!

Beyond blessed & SO thankful!
Family is everything!”

From Elena Zaremski:

“We had a ‘study’ date at U of I in 1967! Still together!”

From Sandra Presler:

“We actually met at a pizza parlor ( now there’s a mini Mart in the spot). It was after a high school football game. I went with some friends, he was there with a couple of friends. I never gave my number out before but something about him. We’ve been married for 36 years. These are 2 of our grandbabies.”

From Kari Robertson Brown:

“We met on a telephone chat line in October of 2000. He had just turned 17 and I was 16. We decided to meet and I was supposed to page him from a pay phone when we (my older sister and I) got there. I was so nervous I didn’t page him all day. We just rode around with me a nervous wreck debating on meeting this guy. Finally after dark I paged him from the pay phone in a movie theater parking lot. He called and said he was on his way. Remember, we still hadn’t seen each other at this point. Just talked on the phone. I literally laid the seat down in the car and hid? When he pulled in, he and his buddy only saw one person in the car and his buddy was saying to leave because they got tricked, but he knew better and said, “Naw, she’s in there. She’s hidin’”. So he came up to the car door and I raised up, we looked at each other for the first time and that was all she wrote. Been together ever since.”

From Callah Wald:

“1st date…My husband had a backpack on – which I noticed and thought was odd! He then brought me to a totally sketchy area, where we had to shuffle/climb to get to, and ended up under a bridge — que the murder me and stuff me in the backpack paranoia, right? We turned a corner to a HUGE, long stretch of absolutely beautiful graffiti art…we walked hand in hand admiring it, taking it all in, and when we reached where it ended he stopped, took off the backpack, and unzipped it revealing assorted colors of spray paint cans. We made our own mark – he made an epic t-rex and I made a giant purple crab. ? best, most memorable and creative date I’ve ever been on! We’ve been together almost 8 years now and welcomed 2 beautiful children -and one surrobaby- into the world. #blissfullyblessed”

From Janet Lundy Martinez:

“We were talking about marriage 20 minutes in. And we have been together for 44 years.”

From Heidi and Tim Dodge:

“It was his birthday and I didn’t even know until he picked me up. We tried going to a basketball game but they only had seats that were far apart from each other, so we went to a great Mexican restaurant and then to see Lord of the Rings. We were the only ones in the theater. This may we will be celebrating 16 years!”

From Megan Netsch:

“We met on Myspace after he saw my profile through a friend of a friend of a friend. It was a Saturday before the Giants were to play his beloved Eagles and I was talking smack about his Eagles. We talked football for a while and then got into deeper conversations. Our official first date was at Outback where I ordered a rack of ribs for my dinner as I they are my favorite. After dinner his best friend randomly showed up at the bar and joined us. Little did I know that my husband texted him to come meet his future wife that ordered ribs for dinner.. 11 years later and two beautiful children that we now compete against each other to get them to like our football team while eating ribs. Not much has changed.. this picture is from 2007 Penn State HC game where I still insisted on sporting my Giants because because hey Jurevicious played for them.”

From Monica Vaughan:

“We met at a local park and went to eat some Mexican lunch. During the lunch I could tell he was so nervous. He wanted to hold my hand and was unsure of how I would react. I was wearing a ring and he was like ‘Oh I like that. It is nice’ while touching my hand 😉 We went to Starbucks after lunch and have literally been together every day since. We have 2 amazing boys and will celebrate our 10 year anniversary in September.”

From Cat Nelson Lovett:

“Classic dinner and a movie, and he dropped me off at 930 because he had to get up early to go to work the next day. I knew right then he was a keeper. 16 years this May…”

From Kelly Allen:

“Our first date was a movie night and cheap greasy pizza at his place. We had already been talking and flirting around for quite some time. We were both very very young and very very broke.

Flash Forward 12 years, married and five kids later .. I wouldn’t have life any other way!”

From Michele Reach Pioli:

“We cried like babies, watching Titanic.”

From Emily Raffo:

“My husband asked me out for a drink about 5-6 times before I finally said yes (just to get him to shut up lol) we went to a local bar for a few drinks. Very low key but it was a great time to be able to sit and talk and get to know each other!! We’ll be together 5 years in August and married for 2 in July ❤️❤️❤️ this was us in October during our maternity shoot-we welcomed a little boy on 1/9″

From Samantha Moore Davis:

“Our first date was out to dinner at a local steakhouse and then for drinks at the little town tavern. They closed up and were sweeping around us when they finally asked us to leave so they could go home. We sat in his truck for a couple more hours talking before we got the nerve to kiss… Best first date ever. Been together almost 5 years, married almost 2.”

From Cheryl Fields:

“We met 25 years ago we both worked at the same place a department store that went out of business 5 years after we met. Our first date we went to the movies saw Mrs. Doubtfire it had just came out. He was so shy that I tricked him in to going. I don’t know if many women go to McDonald’s for a date but that is where he took me I didn’t mind. We will be married 23 years in April. We have been through a lot I had cancer in 2017 had chemo and radiation and three weeks ago I had surgery I had uterine cancer. Doing ok so far and my husband was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease 2or3 months ago but he is on medicine it is helping so far. He is the love of my life!”

From Natalie Blount:

“Our first date was in January of 2008. We were both in college and he took me ice skating. He also bought me a purple tulip which is my favorite color and flower. He stuck a little piece of paper inside of it and it said ” will you go out with me?” We’ve been together ever since. Married 8 1/2 years now and we have a 3 year old son.”

From Charlene Danielle Trudeau:

“We met at 6 years old, Our first date we were 8 years old, my mom took us to see a local band where we each got a pair of drum sticks and were asked up on stage ( I was way too shy, and he held my hand!) By 10 I knew I’d marry him some day! At 29 we finally tied the knot, and are now expecting our second child together! I feel beyond fortunate to have him as my partner and best friend for life!”

From Kristine Dey:

“I adopted four children through foster care as a single parent and had never had a boyfriend before my first date with my husband. We began talking through an on line dating service when he was 34 and I was 36 years old. On our first date to a frozen yogurt place, I learned he had never had a girlfriend before either. Within a month, he asked me to marry him. We were married three months later. A few days before our one year anniversary, we had a baby girl together. This year my husband of four years adopted my four older children. And the day after Valentines, we will be having our second baby. Ours isn’t a love story of two but of an entire family. We are proof dreams come true and life needs perfect no time line.”

From Cindy Darlene:

“We met in 7th grade band in middle school, dated on & off thru middle & high school. Got engaged our senior year and married a year later. We have been married 40 years. I don’t have a photo that far back, but here’s a wedding photo in 1978.”

From Amanda Murphy:

“It all started in Vegas…lol. My husband was stationed at Nellis for a while and he got to know quite a few people, people that I also knew! But wildly enough, we had NEVER met. Unfortunately he no longer lived in Nevada and was now in Korea, but our mutual friends kept bugging us to start talking (4,000) miles away. We both thought they were crazy but one day we FaceTimed and 4 hours later we didn’t want to stop talking. On 12/31/2013 he asked me to be his girlfriend and even tho I had never met him in person it felt right, so I said yes! Shortly after he pcs’d to Japan. We made the choice that if we were going to do this that we should actually meet in person. So I took a leap of faith, jumped on a plane and flew 20+ hours to Japan (I had NEVER been out of the country before). I arrived at the airport and there he was ready to pick me up. That was it. We met. We fell in love. After 18 days I flew back home and knew what I had to do. I did what I had to back home and moved to Japan. On June 2, 2019 with be our 4 year wedding anniversary and we now have a 10 month old daughter. We took a leap of faith and never turned back. All he wanted was a partner that cared for him and would follow him where the military took him. We’ve lived in Japan, Virginia and now Arizona. We couldn’t be happier and I couldn’t have asked for a better human to spend my life with.”

Happy Valentine’s Day to all!

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