“Real Housewives of Atlanta” star Kenya Moore’s journey to motherhood was difficult, but turned out to be worth it.

Moore, 47, gave birth to her newborn daughter, Brooklyn Doris on November 4, after facing several “several scares along the way.”

As People reports, Moore and her husband Marc Daly, 48, turned to In Vitro Fertilization to expand their family.

According to the American Pregnancy Association, the union of the sperm and the egg takes place in a laboratory dish during this process before being placed inside the mother’s uterus after an embryo is formed. This reproductive process is used to treat infertility.

Moore and Daly weren’t aware that their challenges had only begun.

According to People, doctors were initially worried that Moore had a false pregnancy because they were unable to see her baby’s skeleton during the first ultrasound

A later visit brought up concerns of an ectopic tubal pregnancy that would need to be terminated.

Moore said:

“We held our breath every time we went to the doctor.”

The TV star later began to notice swelling in her feet but brushed it off as a common pregnancy side effect. Until she visited the OBGYN and noticed she’d gained 17 pounds in a week.

She shared an Instagram post in late October of her swollen feet revealing that she’d tested positive for preeclampsia.

As People reports, preeclampsia is “marked by extreme fluid retention and high blood pressure that can lead to serious, even fatal complications.”

According to March of Dimes, the health issue affects 2 to 8 percent of worldwide pregnancies.

She wrote:

I made fun of my swollen feet at @cynthiabailey10 party. Next day my tests came back for possible preeclampsia… I gained 17 lbs in ONE week due to severe swelling and water retention, high blood pressure, and excess protein in urine. This is NOT normal!
I took more tests. Baby is fine but if they come back higher #babydaly will have to come same day.

Staying positive. To my pregnant sisters please go to your visits and tell the doctor of any drastic changes. Thank God I have great doctors.?? #babydaly #highrisk#love #family #miraclebaby #kenyamoore#babybump #pregnantover40

Moore’s condition continued to worsen until her doctors decided enough was enough.

The mother recalls:

“I called them to give them my blood pressure readings and my reading was through the roof and climbing. They told me, ‘Your condition is worsening so get your bags and go straight to the hospital, you’re delivering today.’ “

Now, Moore found herself about to go into labor, while her husband Daly was still on a plane trying to make it home. The star recalls crying out of fear and feeling “overwhelmed.”

Unfortunately, Moore’s struggles didn’t let up as she laid on the operating table taking in medication and steroids in preparation for her premature baby’s delivery.

As March of Dimes reports, preeclampsia is the cause of about 15 percent of premature in the United States.

When it was time for her emergency cesarean section, husband and soon-to-be father Daly had made it to his wife’s side.

During the delivery, doctors had to cut Moore vertically and horizontally as a result of her fibroids.

She said:

“They couldn’t get the baby out. There were all these complications and they knew if they cut into a fibroid, I could potentially bleed out and die. So they ended up cutting me vertically too, to just get the baby out and make sure I survived the surgery. They were so scared they were going to lose me.”

Despite the challenge of bringing her into the world, Brooklyn Doris has been at peace since the moment she was placed in her mother’s arms.

Moore said:

“She was just so perfect, so tiny. And just like that, all my dreams had come true…We’re so in love. Everything that could have gone wrong did go wrong. But she’s such a tough baby; so determined. And every step of the way, she kept surviving and getting stronger. She’s my miracle baby. There’s no other way to describe it, she’s my miracle baby.”

The new mother frequently shares photos of her newborn thankful for God’s “plan” and her “miracle baby.”

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