A California real estate agent is opening up about the moment she was attacked by a man pretending to be a client.

According to KCAL, on September 22, the real estate agent, who wishes to remain anonymous, was putting on an open house when a man who said his name was Tom jumped her.

While speaking about the unexpected attack, the agent said she got a funny feeling beforehand. This wasn’t the first time she met Tom. As the agent explained to KCAL, Tom had shown up at another open house she had a week earlier.

As a result, she had a friend with her most of the day during the open house on September 22. However, it was after the friend left that Tom arrived at the home:

“I was so lucky. I had a feeling from day one that this person is going to hurt me.”

That’s when she moved their conversation from inside the home to out on the porch, in hopes of getting him to leave.

The conversation the agent and Tom had on the porch, and the attack that preceded it were all caught on the home’s security camera.

The agent explained to KCAL what was said between her and Tom as they stood outside the home:

“He said, ‘Well, can I show you the closet?’ I said, ‘No, I’m going to stand out here,” the real estate agent said. “He said, ‘Can I have water?’ I said, ‘The fridge is right there in the kitchen, you can walk, open the fridge.’ And he said, ‘Can I use the bathroom?’ I said, ‘No, the owner doesn’t allow anyone to use the bathroom.'”

Then he attacked.

In the surveillance video, Tom could be seen looking at the security camera and taking off his hat. Then, seemingly out of nowhere, the man pushed the agent, grabbing her chest before running away.


She believes being outside and screaming for her life saved her. Had he not run away, the agent thinks he would have taken her life:

“I said no matter what I’m just going to keep screaming until I get help. […] I think he would’ve raped me, that’s number one, and he would have killed me.”

She told NBCLA that she suffered a sore back and bruises and abrasions to her leg as a result of the attack.

The investigation into the attack remains ongoing. As KCAL reports, no arrests have been made yet.

The agent said she’s not sure if she will continue showing homes. The broker who the agent works for was shocked to learn about the attack. He has since hired a self-defense instructor to teach his team how to defend themselves if anything should ever happen like this again.

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