The first few episodes of TLC’s “Rattled” took the audience through a couple’s miraculous birthing journey and the process of adopting their third daughter.

According to TLC, Josh and Aly Taylor adopted their first daughter, Genevieve, after Aly was diagnosed with breast cancer and learned that, as a result, she would be unable to carry a baby of her own.

Aly explained:

“After my cancer diagnosis, I’ve been told that I’m in menopause, can’t have babies.”

However, as fate would have it, after Aly was diagnosed as free of cancer, she was able to get pregnant.

Aly said they were shocked to learn she was pregnant:

“To get pregnant, I don’t think it’s fully hit me.”

Josh continued by saying:

“It was obviously a very special moment. We had no clue if it would happen. We never thought we would have a biological child.”

Around the same time, Genevieve’s birth mother, who was also pregnant, contacted Josh and Aly to ask if they would consider adopting her second child, as well. Of course they said “yes.”

The couple uprooted their lives in Louisiana to move to Kentucky:

“Even though we are from Louisiana, we have moved to Kentucky for two months because this is where our birth mother lives, this is where she is going to give birth to our third daughter.”

Their parents even took leave from their own jobs in order to move to Kentucky with Josh and Aly so that they could help prep for both babies to be born.

They were well aware that the birth mother could change her mind, but they took their chances.

Aly explained:

“Last time with Geniveve, our birth mother came so close to changing her mind, that this time, with Lydia, it’s hard to not be scared. We are hoping and praying that that’s not the case.”

Unfortunately, that’s exactly what happened.

As TLC showed, a week after their second daughter, Vera, was born, the birth mom called Josh and Aly to let them know she was going into labor. As quickly as they got the phone call, the soon-to-be parents of three baby girls headed to the hospital to be there for Lydia’s birth.

However, after Lydia was born, her birth mom began having second thoughts and eventually refused to give her child up to Josh and Aly:

“We envisioned having our three girls growing up together. We are completely devastated that Lydia will no longer be a part of our family.”

Knowing they would no longer get to be Lydia’s parents, Josh and Aly headed to the hospital one last time to say their final goodbye.

After a five-hour-long goodbye, the parents left the hospital in “shock.”

The morning they went to say goodbye to Lydia for the last time, her birth mom decided it was in Lydia’s best interest for Josh and Aly to adopt her. The proud parents had no idea until they received a text saying that Lydia was all theirs.

They recalled:

“This morning, this was over, so I cannot believe we just walked through the door with this little girl.”

Aly explained the joy:

“I’m so overjoyed, but I’m so emotionally exhausted that I cannot even describe. We are just filled with so much joy and thankfulness.”

She added: “It was the shock of a lifetime.”

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