Singer Rachel Platten opened up with fans after one of her toughest days parenting.

The songwriter and new mom said her power unexpectedly went out, which ultimately caused the entire day to unravel.

Platten shared her raw reaction after a power outage left the mom feeling disheveled. She said the incident led her to examine herself as a parent.

She wrote:

Our power went out after a scary explosion – and what used to be something kind of romantic for just my husband and I (candles, books, cuddling) turned into an apocalypse with a newborn.

The “messy” situation left her feeling like a bad mom who couldn’t get it right under pressure.

In an Instagram post, the mother of a baby girl named Violet Skye described what she said was “the hardest day yet in motherhood.”

She continued:

All of my competence flew out the door the second my comfortable surroundings were gone and I’m not proud of it.

Platten added:

We were underslept and exhausted and by the end of the day our mellow, sweet violet was screaming at the top of her lungs for two hours straight and could not be comforted. As if to say “ok mom enough your bs has finally got to me.” I felt like i failed.

The new mom told fans that when “the going got tough, I was my worst self, not my best self.” However, fans reassured the singer that she’s just like any other mother and that she’s doing her best.

One commenter told Platten to be kinder to herself. The fan wrote:

I think you were your human self that day, not your ‘worst self.’ Motherhood is exhausting on the best of days. You did the [best] you could in the situation you were and next time (because there’s always a next time) you’ll be able to handle it better for yourself. Be kind to you.

As reported by Dearly, Platten has always been candid about her struggles as a first-time mother.

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Can you relate? Are there times when you felt overwhelmed as a parent? Tell us what you think.

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