One of the stars of Netflix’s recent hit, “Queer Eye” has a message to parents— particularly parents of little girls.

Karamo Brown, the show’s resident “culture” expert, dives deep into people’s lives and helps them get to the root of a problem. 

Brown, a father of two, recounted a lesson he heard a random mother on the street teaching her daughter. It’s a lesson he felt should never be taught to a little girl.

He said in an Instagram video:

“Hey, friends. So I’m walking down the street with Sugah and I just heard this mother tell her daughter that the boy who is picking on her at school, is only picking on her because he likes her. And I have to tell you all, that is the wrong thing to teach our children!

As a culture, we should never be telling our little girls that if someone is treating you bad… that if they are being emotionally abusive… that if they are being disrespectful, that that somehow equates to love. Because it does not. We gotta do better than that. You got to think about the language and the things we’re teaching people, especially at that young age. At no point should that little girl think that  someone being mean to her is a form of love.

And if someone in your life is being disrespectful to you… being mean to you… saying rude things.. it’s not because they like you. It’s because they have insecurities and they’re projecting them on to you and you don’t deserve that.”

Many commented on Brown’s thoughts and agreed with the reality TV star:


Yes Karamo. My 13 year old brother was standing next to me while I was watching this and he goes, “true that!”

Others had no idea that such a simple lesson, that has been shared with little girls for years, could have such a serious impact on them when they are older:

WOOOOOOW… Never thought about how that becomes imbedded in our brains from such a young age. It really affected so many aspects of my life growing up…

Some even shared their own experiences of being bullied by boys and being told that it was just because they had a “crush” on them:

This means so much to me. A boy used to bully and abuse me for six years and everyone always told me, “it’s just because he has a crush on you.” Even when he gave me bruises, jumped on my back and threw my head against the wall, they would still just make up some excuse as to why he was treating me like that. Thank you for using your platform to educate other and calling people out when they’re doing something wrong.

I’ve been told this so many times and my response is, “that doesn’t mean it’s okay!” Why should girls have to suffer becuase these boys don’t know how to express themselves! Thank you for saying this!

As Brown preached on Instagram, “disrespect is never a form of love and we all deserve people to treat us with respect! At every age.”

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