Prince William

Thirty-three years ago, Prince Andrew and Fergie wed in 1986.

Now, a video of Queen Elizabeth at Andrew and Fergie’s wedding is going viral.

In the video shared by a Twitter user named “lara,” the Queen is seen rocking a purple outfit and pearls while running after a then 4-year-old Prince William.

The tweet read:

Late post, but it’s been 33 years since the wedding of Prince Andrew and Fergie in 1986. And so here’s Queen Elizabeth running after little Prince William to stop him from getting closer to the carriage. Her Majesty as a grandma is cute

The video was taken as Prince Andrew and Fergie said their farewells to their wedding guests and headed off to their honeymoon.

Diana, also seen in the video wearing a blue and black polka-dotted dress, also attempts to catch her little boy as well. However, the queen is able to get to Prince William first and reels him in.

And others also agreed that they enjoy seeing members of the royal family being “normal” people.

Some commenters wrote:

Love it when they do normal things! Fun to watch.

I don’t think you can say anything as crass as, She is protecting the heir. She is just grandma protecting a grandkid she loves.

Look at Princess Margaret in the blue running too. She knows if the queen is running it’s for real.

I love seeing the Queen in her role as Granny.

It’s funny that everyone was running behind her & stopped when she stopped too! They didn’t realise she was chasing William.

So lovely too [see] the family side of our queen.

That’s how you hustle when your are a mother or a loving grandmother…

Hey a Nana has to do what a Nana has to do!!

Harry would have been just 1-year-old at this point in time and isn’t visible in the quick snippet.

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