Christmas is generally thought of as a time of celebration and joy, but for people who have lost most of their loved ones, it can be a lonely time.

For one professor, who teaches high school students in Texas, she knows about beating the holiday blues all too well.

Professor Wharton casually told her class that this time of year can create a significant amount of sadness because all of her immediate family members are now deceased.

Wharton told Buzzfeed News that in a passing conversation, she said the holidays are “difficult for her.”  And her students took that realization to heart.

Without her parents and only sister, Wharton doesn’t have many other family members she can turn to. She’s not close with her distant cousins, so Christmas can be a hard time in the absence of children and a spouse.

One of her students, Belinda Ramirez, 16, said:

“We all felt really bad for her.”

In light of Wharton’s ordeal, Ramirez took the liberty of organizing a holiday surprise by buying their teacher several personalized gifts.

The student and the rest of her classmates prepared to give their teacher her presents on the last day of classes before the holiday break and captured the moment on video.

In the clip, Wharton walks into her classroom to a group of students — who in unison — yell: 

“Merry Christmas!”

In the now viral video posted to Twitter, you can hear the teacher say, “I have presents,”  as she opens her gifts.

Watch the video below:

Wharton told Buzzfeed:

“They were sneaky!

We all just started crying.

I was just completely overwhelmed by their compassion for me.”

People who shared and liked video were overcome with emotions.


Ramirez wrote in a tweet that is was amazing to see a smile on her teacher’s face.

Wharton said she has good friends, but was deeply touched that her students felt a sense of compassion for her lost.

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2 Replies to “‘I Have Presents:’ Students Give Professor Christmas Gifts After They Learn All of Her Family Is Now Deceased”

  • Ginger 2 years ago

    Very sweet…

  • Kathleen 2 years ago

    In today’s world of teenagers it’s overwhelming to see how kind, sweet and generous these kids can be. God blessed this teacher with her own “kids”! ♥️?♥️?

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