Stanton Healthcare Belfast is a pro-life women’s health clinic located in Belfast, Northern Ireland.

According to the facility’s website:

Every woman deserves to be informed, deserves access to quality care, is entitled to a safe place, and regardless of the option they choose, every woman should be treated with dignity and respect.

However, after the facility posted a photo of a Yankee candle on their official Facebook page, some people are claiming it’s anything but a judgement-free zone.

Last month, Stanton Healthcare shared a photo of one of the candles they had strategically placed in their waiting room:

They wrote:

Stanton Healthcare would recommend to all crisis pregnancy centre’s the new baby powder yankee candle. It just smells like a new born baby.

The candle, which smells like baby powder, is allegedly meant to entice pregnant women who are still unsure to choose life over abortion.

And while other pro-life supporters approved of the idea:

According to the Metro, after receiving unfavorable comments, Stanton Healthcare allegedly began deleting the ones left by those who disagreed with their decision.

Following Stanton Healthcare’s post, a spokesperson from worldwide abortion provider Marie Stopes, released a statement:

This is a quite frankly ridiculous attempt to manipulate women and restrict their right to choose. Women decide to have abortions for very real, personal reasons that aren’t going to disappear because of a scented candle. They deserve impartial, factual advice and support to make the choices that are right for them.

Stanton Healthcare has yet to respond.

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