When her 10-year-old daughter ran to her in tears after getting off of her school bus, the Wisconsin mom drew her daughter a bath.

According to her mom, Lillian Waldron is developmentally delayed and cannot speak. So when the 10-year-old ran to her and cried inconsolably her mother did the one thing Lillian finds soothing, a bath.


As WBAY reports, it wasn’t until she was getting her daughter ready for the tub that she realized why her daughter was so upset.

Lynn Waldron-Moehle explained:

“She loves baths and that’s soothing to her. So I brought her home and I was getting her ready for the bath, I took her sweatshirt off and that’s when I noticed the major bruising on her upper arm.”

All buses in the school district have cameras and the drivers are permitted to intervene when they feel it’s necessary.


And because Langlade Elementary School student was on a bus dedicated for children with special needs, her father, Chad, said she was seated directly behind the bus driver.

However, the bus driver reportedly did nothing to stop the attack:

“The seat was right behind the bus driver, and he couldn’t hear anything going on, couldn’t see anything? Come on.”

According to WBAY, because Lillian couldn’t tell them to stop and couldn’t get away because she’s strapped into a five-point harness car seat, “she just had to sit there and take it.”

Upon inquiring about the surveillance footage, Lillian’s principal at Langlade Elementary School was able to view it.

According to Lynn, the principal described the footage to them as “gruesome and horrifying to look at”:

“The girl was brutally biting my daughter’s arm.”

Now the student who is responsible for the bruising on Lillian’s arm has been reportedly expelled from the school.

A statement from the school district’s superintendent, Michelle Langenfeld, read that she and several other administrators have been in contact with the family and have addressed “their concerns and provide support to ensure the physical and emotional well-being of our student.”

The investigation into why this happened is still ongoing. Lillian’s parents have since acquired a lawyer.

Watch the parents full interviews below:

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