Princess Charlotte

Kids will be kids, even if they are members of the royal family.

While attending The King’s Cup charity race on August 8, Princess Charlotte and Prince George joined their mother and father for a day of nautical fun.

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It's the taking part that counts…?

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As the Palace shared on Instagram:

It’s race day! The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge with The King’s Cup charity ambassadors, before the competitive spirit kicks in at today’s inaugural regatta. The King’s Cup is raising awareness and funds for eight of Their Royal Highnesses’ patronages.

In this year’s race, The Duke is competing on behalf of Child Bereavement UK and The Duchess on behalf of the Early Years programme delivered by The Royal Foundation.

Following the race, Kate Middleton grabbed her two oldest children, who stayed out of the public eye for most of the event, to allow them to wave to the crowd who was waiting to catch a glimpse of them.

But what Charlotte did instead, Kate clearly didn’t see coming. And it sent the Duchess into a mommy mode like her fans haven’t quite seen before.

In a video shared on Twitter, Kate and Princess Charlotte were standing in the window above the prizegiving stage when the mom expected her daughter to wave to the crowd.

However, the tiny princess instead stuck her tongue, causing the crowd of people to burst into laughter.

Once Kate saw what Charlotte was doing, she quickly turned her daughter away from the window and walked away, laughing herself:

I love Kate’s reaction then she ushers off her daughter it reminded of a play or something. So cute

I have to believe that her Granny (in Heaven) Diana would be having the biggest laugh at Princess Charlotte’s cheekiness!

Kate’s reaction-that of every mum!

And like another commenter pointed out, Charlotte’s cheekiness reminded them of her father, Prince William, and her uncle, Prince Harry, who have both been known to stick their own tongue out a time or two:

Too cute!

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  • Kenneth 4 months ago

    I love it to see this happen really is cute

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Like Uncle, Like Niece: Princess Charlotte Makes Fans Laugh After She Sticks Tongue out at Public Event

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