It seems Prince Harry has gotten a bit more protective of wife Meghan Markle since the two confirmed that they’re expecting their first royal baby together.

As Dearly previously reported, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex revealed October 15 that Markle is more than 12 weeks pregnant and will deliver their child in spring.

Since the announcement, the couple has been traveling through Australia as part of a four-country royal tour that will also include New Zealand, Fiji, and Tonga.

Prince Harry and the duchess stopped by Sydney Harbor on Sunday to watch the opening of the Invictus Games, where they received an enthusiastic greeting from an American sailor, according to People.

The sailor pulled Prince Harry in for a bear hug that lifted him off the ground. Markle laughed at the interaction and said:

“Now that’s a hug! Nicely done.”

However, when the sailor turned to Markle, Prince Harry’s protective instincts seemed to kick in.

In a video posted by Kensington Palace, the duke appeared to tell the sailor not to hug his pregnant wife in the same way. The sailor responded:

“No, I know!”

The sailor gave the pregnant duchess a much calmer greeting than he gave to the surprised prince.

After their Australian tour, the couple will eventually head to the islands of Fiji and Tonga, which has raised some concerns for Markle and her unborn baby.

As Dearly previously reported, the expectant mom consulted with medical professionals before agreeing to travel to the islands because they have mosquitos that carry the Zika virus.

The virus is known to cause birth defects if a mother is infected while she is pregnant.

Despite concerns, it seems Prince Harry wouldn’t let anything happen to his expectant wife.

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