New parents of a 3-pound baby are sharing footage of the moment a doctor carelessly dropped one of their newborn twins on her head in hopes that it never happens again.

Monique and Derrick Rogers were recording the joyous moment of Morgan’s birth at Chandler hospital in Arizona when one of the medical staffers handling the baby let her slip through his hands.

The first time mother told News 12 the incident was very traumatic and everyone including hospital staff gasped for air when Morgan nearly fell to the floor.

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Monique said:

“It traumatized me then, but having to relive this is not something I wanted to do.”

The couple posted the video online to warn other families about birth injuries.

The mother continued:

“No one can prepare you for seeing the negligence, seeing them carelessly handle her.

This is a baby. She’s fragile. She’s 3 pounds, and you’re handling her like she’s a sack of potatoes, like she’s not a human being.”

Warning: The video below contains footage some viewers may find distressing.

Watch below:

Baby dropped on head at Chandler hospital

***WARNING: GRAPHIC VIDEO*** A family took video of the moment hospital staff members dropped one of their twin daughters on the hospital bassinet after she was born.The little girl has a germinal matrix hemorrhage on her brain, however, they are unsure if it's due to her having a low birth weight, or from being dropped. They want people to share this video to "prevent this from happening to other children…"MORE: Monique and Derrick Rodgers

Posted by Fox 32 Chicago on Thursday, May 2, 2019

Derrick told KTVK when he first confronted the doctor about the accident he allegedly did not react until he saw the cellphone clip. The dad recalled:

“I showed him the video, and he was speechless. He didn’t say anything.”

Baby Morgan spent 12 days in the ICU following the incident. Shortly after, an ultrasound revealed that the child had a grade one hemorrhage.

However, according to an OBGYN unaffiliated with the case, told KTVK that it’s normal for a child born prematurely to suffer from the medical conditional.

12 News

On Thursday, Dignity Health Chandler Regional Medical Center told KTVK they are unable to comment on the case due to privacy laws but released the following statement:

The safety of our patients and their families is always our top concern. The medical team at Dignity Health Chandler Regional Medical Center takes this matter extremely seriously and is working to conduct a comprehensive review.

Monique said, “I just wanted people to know what happened to my baby.”

She added:

“As a mother, you’re supposed to be there to protect her and I felt like I wasn’t there to protect her when she was born.”

According to birth injury statistics, it only takes one mistake to transform a healthy child to one who suffers from a lifetime of disabilities.

Watch the video below:

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10 Replies to “Parents Recording Birth of Premature Baby Gasp When Doctor ‘Carelessly’ Handling Her Drops Infant on Her Head”

  • Melissa 3 months ago

    It is not completely his fault…if you look on the right, the baby is being picked up with the blanket. The NURSE yanks the blanket causing him to drop the baby. He is not the only one who is being careless. I am a nurse and I can see both sides but he is not only to blame.

    • Anonymous 3 months ago

      I’m in agreement with you. The blanket was still wrapped around the baby when the other nurse yanked the blanket away.

  • Marilyn 3 months ago


  • Pamela Perkins 3 months ago

    Sue the hospital.

  • Chris 3 months ago

    A few too many hands were in on the project at the time. Sure it was not intentional, at least Doctor should have done is apologize. Suing the hospital is not always the answer. Definitely need a change in handling baby policy.
    While babies heads can be fragile, they are also very forgiving and flexable. Hoping the hemorrhage will reabsorb and all will be well.

  • Lori edens 3 months ago

    Much to do over nothing! That little incident did not cause that baby to have a brain hemorrhage ! I don’t believe it for a second!

  • Morgan 3 months ago

    Mama is upset but that was the nurses fault. You can see her snatch the blanket that is still under the baby as the doctor is holding her. That’s why the doctor looks at the nurse like that after it happened. He didn’t drop the baby, she was pulled out of his hands by the nurse. Family is owed an apology and if the other twin didn’t have the same hemmorage as the other, medical compensation.

  • Emily 3 months ago

    Had the other nurse not carelessly ripped the blanket that was still wrapped around the baby out of the others hands the baby would not have fell to the table on her head. What pisses me off is that just watching the video you can foresee what was going to happen right before it did so she should have known what she was about to do. Clearly she wasn’t putting much thought or care into her job. The fact that they all just acted like nothing happened is very worrying too…I’d be irate if someone dropped my newborn on their head regardless of how far the fall was.

  • Anonymous 3 months ago

    That poor baby have that nurse fired

  • Anonymous 3 months ago

    They should Sue the hospital, and fire the nurse that yanked the blanket out of Dr’s hand. Also the fact when Confronted about dropping the baby, they had Nothing to say until the Dr. saw the video. No apology Or Anything!
    That Speaks for itself!

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Parents Recording Birth of Premature Baby Gasp When Doctor ‘Carelessly’ Handling Her Drops Infant on Her Head

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