A 35-week pregnant woman in China nearly died prior to giving birth because of the strength of her unborn baby’s kick and a too-short recovery period post surgery.

The woman, identified as Ms. Zhang, had a previous wound on her uterine wall, and when her baby kicked, it tore through her womb, resulting in one of the baby’s legs poking into her abdomen.

In 2016, the woman said she had a fibroid removed and then became pregnant just six months after the surgery, the Daily Mail reported.

On Health described a fibroid as a noncancerous tumor that grows “along or within the walls of the uterus.” Zhang’s physician, Dr. Zhong Shilin of the Peking University Shenzhen Hospital, said that women who have fibroid-removal operations should wait one to two years before planning for a baby because of potential complications like these.

The short recovery time coupled with a strong kick resulted in a 2.8-inch rupture on Zhang’s uterus. Zhong added that the woman’s amniotic sac had broken, causing the amniotic fluid to flow into her abdomen.

Prior to this diagnosis, the heavily pregnant mom-to-be had been suffering from severe abdominal pain for several hours. She and her family brushed off the pain as a stomachache. However, when doctors figured out what the real cause was, they arranged for an emergency cesarean section:

Ten minutes later, Zhang gave birth to a healthy baby girl. Both mom and daughter are now in stable condition.

The hospital’s official social media account explained it is extremely rare for a woman to suffer a rupture on her womb. The Daily Mail reported that only 26 cases have been reported worldwide. As a result, women recovering from such a surgery should “pay attention to uterine recovery.”

On Health noted that uterine fibroids are very common, and as women age, their risk increases. While most women with fibroids will have a normal pregnancy, the growths are associated with, “recurrent miscarriage, labor complications, and early labor,” as well as “breech births.”

As a result, when in doubt, it is advised to have a “complete check” of the reproductive system before deciding to get pregnant.

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