A woman, nine months pregnant, was attacked in a Virginia mall parking lot on Thanksgiving and it was caught on camera.

Rosalinda Cunningham and her boyfriend Vincent Pace told WTVR they were both jumped by a group of teenagers around 9:30 p.m. at Spotsylvania Towne Center.


Cunningham was having contractions and was on her way to the hospital at the time of the incident. However, she and her boyfriend failed to pull off when their vehicle was stopped by a group of unidentified teens.

Cunningham said:

“They literally just stood in front of the car — started banging on the car — kicking the car telling him to get out of the vehicle.”

Pace added:

“And they tell me to get out of the vehicle — my doors are locked her doors  are unlocked. They tried to drag her out.”

Pace exited the car in order to defend his girlfriend against the attack. Pace said:

“Every time I got up they pushed me — knocked me back down.”

At the same time, a woman was hitting Cunningham and he feared that she was being kicked in her stomach.


Pace recalled:

“My heart dropped — because I thought it was her stomach. My heart dropped. And I lost it.

My mind was going a million different ways.

When we got to the hospital that night it took us two and a half hours to find a heartbeat — which kind of messed me up because this is my first child, too.”

A video caught by a bystander captured the attack, which was reported to officers who responded to the scene of the assault.

Watch the video below:

Investigators are searching for info that could lead to an arrest. Cunningham said:

“I want them to get charged and be where they’re supposed to be. Which is behind bars.”

Anyone with information is asked to contact authorities at 1-800-928-5822 or 1-540-582-5822.

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8 Replies to “Video Shows Woman Who’s 9 Months Pregnant Getting Jumped in Parking Lot. Police Need Help Locating Suspects”

  • Hope 2 years ago

    Thank God you all especially your unborn baby are all safe God was definitely with you all that night. Praying that all involved are caught and justice is served you all should have never had to have gone through such a horrible experience!

    • kenny baird 2 years ago

      Since when has the media cared about the unborn?

  • Sara 2 years ago

    They need to tell the whole story! I didn’t see the beginning but I was there and they forgot to tell you that her boyfriend went to the car and got out a night stick and was beating another guy with it. If you have time to get a weapon, you had time to leave the situation.They forgot to mention that when things settled down, she went right back into the fight. If you were so scared for your life and your child’s life, you wouldn’t be out running across the parking lot after some guy punching him. Or her yelling at her boyfriend that they called the police (in a panicked voice) as your boyfriend is heading towards the mall entrance again going after another guy. There is a lot more to this story then they are saying, and a victim she is NOT!

    • Beau Larsen 2 years ago

      He should have at least killed a few of them bastard kids. Attack a pregnant woman? Those teens should be wiped off the face of the planet with no grave stones. No forgiveness for random acts of violence.

      • Anonymous 2 years ago

        he should’ve hit you too Sara….good response Larsen

  • Sigrid 2 years ago

    Praise the Lord and thank him for being with you, so glad you and your baby are safe. God bless.

  • Anonymous 2 years ago

    UHHH, “Praise the Lord and thank him for being with you, so glad you and your baby are safe. God bless”? Why did the Lord let this happen? If you say he doesn’t control our actions, then why think he helped anyone there?

  • Anonymous 2 years ago

    Ask the person videoing! I don’t understand it,why do people and kids just watch and video crimes like this! That should make you as guilty!? I understand taking a picture to identify but just standing there, it’s like standing there watching a child! A person being murdered! Do something! Specially kids now! Like the ones beating them! My daughter was attacked by a boy and kids videoed it and posted it on social media and she was hurt and could’ve been killed! The kids laughed as they videoed! Nothing was even done to the boy or the kids and what if she was killed? What if that baby was killed! The person behind that camera has information and should’ve done more! There needs to be a law about this,specially underage kids. They need punished for videoing crimes and not helping. That’s the same as you commenting the crime. It’s not entertainment it’s peoples lives!

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