Police are searching for the man who stabbed a pregnant woman to death in the vestibule of her Queens, New York apartment building on Sunday Morning.

As The New York Post reports, Jennifer Irigoyen, 35, was crying for help when she gained her neighbor’s attention.

Marcus Roman Zereoue, 27, peeked into the hallway from his third-floor apartment when he saw “her hands hanging on” to the wall.

He said:

“I seen him dragging her down the stairs.”

According to The New York Post, Irigoyen, who was five months pregnant, continued to scream as she was dragged down the steps.

Irigoyen allegedly shouted:

“He’s got a knife! He’s going to kill the baby!”

Around 1 a.m. Zereoue’s girlfriend called 911 and he ran down to the lobby of the building, but it was too late.

Zereoue found the real estate agent lying in a pool of her own blood gasping for air. Her assailant had run off.

He said:

“She was at the bottom of the stairs bleeding out. She had a little dog with her, a pug, I think. Its feet were soaked in blood.”

Irigoyen had been stabbed numerous times in her neck and the left side of her stomach. As she choked on her own blood, the victim used her final moments to try to identify her killer.

As The Post reports, Zereoue said:

“I asked, ‘Do you know who he was?’ And she kept nodding yes and waving her arm. She couldn’t speak. I kept telling her, ‘Hang on, hang on, help is coming.’”

Irigoyen was rushed to a hospital, where she and her unborn child were pronounced dead.

As People reports, the victim loved to dance and taught Zumba Classes. She also leaves behind a 12-year-old son from a previous relationship.

Lisa Raymos, Irigoyen’s landlord, said the victim had been living alone at the complex for a little over a year.

Raymos said:

“I’m still shocked. She was a sweetheart, sweetheart. Really, really nice girl.”

Police are reviewing surveillance footage in hopes of identifying the victim but said the victim’s boyfriend is on their list.

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