An expecting mother was shocked to receive a $1,000 tip for a $33 service after talking about her personal journey with a client.

Breanna Turner said doing the typical manicure and pedicure can be tough when you’re pregnant, especially when you feel like you’re about to barf. Turner recalled to WXII:

“When I first got pregnant, I couldn’t work like I wanted to because I was so sick.”

But right when she thought another work challenge had come her way, the Greensboro nail tech was surprised by a stranger’s kind gesture.


Turner doesn’t work the typical 9-to-5 that requires her to be at a desk, so when she was asked to take on another client last week she had to power through.

At six months pregnant, Turner said she was exhausted and hungry when a lady at UNCG Millennium Salon and Nails sat in her chair. Turner said:

“I did a manicure and a pedicure for a lady, and we just had a deep conversation about God and our journeys in life. What she’s been through and what I’ve been through, and she ended up tipping me $1,000 just from that one $33 service.”

She continued:

“She just poured into my life and spoke to me and told me not to give up and stuff like that, which is what I needed at the time.”

By the end of her shift, the woman thanked Turner with a note that read:

Love Bre and want her to have any treasures she wants including $1,000.


Turner said:

“I was just really shocked because she was truly God-sent. God knew what I needed. She was the sweetest lady ever. She said God told her to do it for me.”

She added:

“I would try to give some of it back to her. I pray for her all the time now. She didn’t know me. Like, she didn’t have to do it. And her service, I do do great pedicures, but $1,000, that was a lot.”

Turner plans to spend the unexpected gift on baby expenses and paying down her car note while saving some of her extra cash.

Watch the video below:

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