In 2008, Katie Piper’s world shattered when a man she casually dated for two weeks arranged to have a cup of sulfuric acid thrown in the young model’s face.


Since then, Piper has picked up the pieces to help others as an internationally renowned advocate for people with burns and scars.


The inspirational speaker — a recipient of special recognition from the Pride of Britain awards, and mother-to-be — recently hit the red carpet where she proudly displayed her growing baby bump. Piper gave birth to her first child in 2014 and is expecting her second child with husband Richard Sutton at the end of 2017:


And while Piper looked radiant as ever, one commenter couldn’t help but question why the expecting mom had her hands resting above her belly.

According to GoodtoKnow, the commenter remarked:

As lovely as you look please stop holding your belly it’s not flattering the baby’s not going anywhere I don’t know why people do it lol.

Fans and fellow moms quickly jumped to Piper’s defense. Commenter Whiskeymand wrote:

It’s just a maternal thing, most mums to be do it to show off their big baby bumps because they’re proud of how awesome the contents are ? ? I’ve done it myself and half of the time didn’t even realize I was doing it! x @katiepiper_ enjoy every minute love your bump is so cute! Makes me broody! X

Commenter liza1992 added:

u clearly don’t have kids ?. Sometimes it’s just a natural thing to do u don’t even realise you are doing it. But even so what’s the harm??

Commenter juliacoleman14 asked:

have you been pregnant before? It’s a natural thing to do, people do it when pregnant naturally without even realizing. Why even comment on such a natural and beautiful thing? Says more about you sadly. Why would Katie want to read such a negative comment. Keep it to yourself, it’s not nice or kind and pretty stupid really.

Commenter sarahcadman01 called the comment “foolish”:

clearly not maternal or had your own child! What a stupid comment ✋? who the hell do you think you are: “please stop holding your belly”. Fool!


A lot of women felt that questioning why Piper had her hands resting on her baby bump was a clear indication the commenter had not had children, as angelacdooley wrote:

all I will say is one day u will understand why an then u will remember this unnecessary comment

User sazzle1971 agreed:

assuming you havent got. Children? Every Mum-to-be I’ve ever known has always held their bump in a protective and reassuring way. This comment comes from such a place of immaturity and ignorance.

Commenter chewysimpkins made this interesting observation:

why shouldn’t she hold her belly?? If you’ve ever been pregnant then you notice that it’s a natural thing you’ll notice even the pregnant ? emoji holds her belly ???

User sambenseb said Piper shouldn’t stop at holding her bump:

please stop holding the most precious thing in the world..Really?? Stunning and classy as ever @katiepiper_ hold your bump boobs bum whatever makes you happy x x


User rebecca_herbert commented that there was no place for such negativity regarding a pregnant woman’s body:

you have no idea what people go through to get pregnant or their story do not ever make such a damaging comment. Every pregnant lady is entitled to hold their belly until that baby comes out. You should never comment so negatively on a pregnancy.

User pendlewitch76 reminded the negative commenter of why Piper had every right to hold her belly:

you’re clearly very immature. After the hell this lady has been through why shouldn’t she be proud of her pregnancy?

Commenter jen_blebs83 shared that lots of women hold their bumps because it’s more comfortable:

@katiepiper_ I think she looks gorgeous and holding your bump is a protective sign and very sweet. In my case who’s 30 weeks pregnant I often hold my bump like this as it relieves the pressure from the pull of the bump down on my ligaments. Silly comment!

And life_at_number4 said:

@katiepiper_ I don’t usually comment on posts but this comment really annoyed me! None of us know Katie personally but what we do know is she has fought very hard to be where she is today and she’s a very inspirational woman! Who are you to even make a passing comment like that! I’m sure considering all she has been through in her life, the moments of carrying her babies is her most blessed, maybe (if it’s not to difficult for you) think before making a silly comment again! And regardless a mother touching her bump is a maternal gesture that actually just comes naturally you don’t over think it incase it pisses others off! that’s your baby in there! @katiepiper_ you and your bump are beautiful ❤️

Piper herself took to Instagram to challenge the since-deleted comment:

it doesn’t matter if it’s flattering or not. It’s one of the happiest times in my entire life and I’m celebrating it whilst it lasts and will continue to do so.

Pregnancy and parenting website What to Expect says that researchers have determined babies respond most when their pregnant mother is touching her belly and much earlier during pregnancy than previously thought.

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