South Carolina man Justin Teeter Bensing thought he was driving from Myrtle Beach to Greenville to meet up with a 14-year-old girl he’d met online.

Little did the 36-year-old know, the young teen was actually an undercover police officer working to catch child predators and sex traffickers in the area, WGN9 reports.

And when Bensing met up with the undercover officer in February, police say he allegedly made a number of disturbing statements.

Greenville County Sheriff’s Office

Bensing allegedly asked the officer if she wanted to be a “full time baby maker and sex slave” and said he had “passions for cannibalism and bestiality.”

Sheriff Will Lewis said that Bensing expressed a desire to “physically cannibalize” the child, according to the Associated Press. He said:

“Depravity doesn’t even begin to describe this.”

The 36-year-old was arrested on February 12 for two counts of criminal solicitation of a minor, but now he’s walking free after posting $20,000 bond, the State reports.

And many people aren’t too happy about it, according to WYFF.

There were no stipulations to Bensing’s release, meaning he won’t be confined to his home as he awaits trial. And some are worried that he’ll commit another crime in the meantime.

Some Facebook users wrote on the Greenville County Sheriff’s Office’s Facebook page:

Why would you guys let him back on the street. He didn’t deserve bail.

How in the HELL was this monster released on $10,000 bond?? That is SHOCKING and unacceptable!!

If this thing was actually released, Our judicial system has failed us once again.

Was he really released on bail? Unbelievable!

We would thank y’all for all your hard work except y’all allowed him to be released.

It’s Bensing’s constitutional right to be released if he posts bail, said South Carolina bondsman Ricky Hill.

But he is likely required to make regular check-ins with his own bondsman, Hill said.

The man’s father, Donald Bensing, has since denied some of the allegations against his son. He told the Associated Press that “any charges of cannibalism are not correct.”

It’s currently unclear how long Bensing will be walking free, since there is currently no court date scheduled for him.

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