On Sunday, Rayfield Hallman, 26, and his cousin, Steven William Wood, were driving down an Ohio road when they spotted a 3-year-old girl standing outside a home.

According to a Facebook post by Maple Heights Police Department, Hallman almost kept driving “but out of concern for a small child being alone, he stopped to check and make sure everything was okay.”

They spotted the child’s mother unconscious near the doorway of her home. She’d suffered from a seizure an hour or two before, said police.

The two men knew they had to act quickly, as the weather was near freezing and the child was outside. Hallman told Fox 8:

“It was very cold out, dark outside, so ain’t no telling how the little girl was thinking at the time, not being able to do anything for herself or her mother.”

The mother, Latonya Perry, 42, was unresponsive.

They contacted police and put the little girl into their car to warm up. The men even caught the family’s poodle that was running free.

Emergency responders transported Perry to a nearby hospital and were able to get in contact with her husband, according to the police department’s Facebook post.

Maple Heights officer George Allen said, “The phone call that was made could have possibly saved the woman’s life, could’ve possibly saved the child’s life.”

The police department shared a photo of the two men in order to express their gratitude.

Now that she’s starting to feel better, Perry says she feels “blessed” that the two men stopped to help her. She told Fox 8:

“Me and my 3-year-old daughter was on our way to the store and that’s all I remember. And the next thing I know, I woke up in the hospital with my family surrounding me… God is so real and when you have your hand on him, he has his hand on you.”

Police gave Hallman and Wood gift cards to a local restaurant, Mr. Chicken, as a “thank you.”

Watch the video below:

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3 Replies to “Police Say Cousins Saved Mom and 3-Year-old Girl After Spotting Toddler Wandering in Freezing Weather”

  • James Davis 2 years ago

    Many times in the rush of the Christmas Season events happen and God uses strangers to convey to us that He is continually there for us and those we love. We never know when His Love, Provision and Protection will be provided through others, even those who were not previously know to us. Through their actions they become our “earth angels” and we are forever grateful for their taking the time to serve us in our time of dire need. God has used them to let us, and them, know that He Sees and Cares for us, His Children!

  • Melanie 2 years ago

    James Davis said it eloquently. These men are my type of heroes and I feel God put them in the right place at the right time to protect this little girl’s life and her mother’s life.
    God bless you fellows.

  • Elaine 2 years ago

    God bless these two young men! This story could have had a very tragic ending. It restores our faith knowing there are people who care; who aren’t afraid of getting involved. I’m sure these two men don’t want to be hailed as heroes but that’s exactly what they are. Ms. Perry…you had two guardian angels that day!

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