In the early morning hours of Sunday, an Indiana mom put her 15-month-old baby girl in the car and headed to a local bar for some drinks.

Only, she actively decided not to bring the baby inside, according to Knox City police.

WKVI reports that Tiffany Helbling, 29, purposely left her baby in the car despite temperatures being around 25 degrees.

Police said her plan was to switch off checking on the toddler alongside another patron at the bar, but bystanders called authorities when they spotted the child, according to WSBT.

The baby girl was discovered sleeping in a car seat inside the mom’s vehicle, which had been turned off.

The police report read:

The baby’s diaper was apparently soaked and no baby food, bottle or diapers were found in the diaper bag or vehicle.

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Other bar patrons told police that she’d been in the bar for up to two hours, though the mother only admitted to being inside for 20 minutes.

The child’s father was called to the scene a short time later, and police turned the baby girl over to him.

Police said that he’d been trying to contact Helbling all day but couldn’t get a response.

According to Children’s Trust, most children who die after being left in cars suffer from heatstroke in the summer. However, the children are also in danger when they’re left in cold weather extremes.

Parents are recommended to follow the same safety tips they follow in the summer during the colder months.

Thankfully, the 15-month-old girl survived the incident. Police are still inspecting security footage to find out just how long she was left in the vehicle.

Helbling has since been charged with neglect of a dependent and criminal recklessness.

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10 Replies to “Police Say Baby Was Left Inside Freezing Car While Mom and Fellow Bar Patron Took Turns Checking on Her”

  • Ginger Miller 2 years ago

  • Anonymous 2 years ago

    Never allow her to have that child again. Best predictor of future behavior is past behavior.

  • Anonymous 2 years ago

    What a useless piece of crap this woman is! Never EVER let her near this child again!! People make me nuts!!

  • MariaRose 2 years ago

    Another case of an unfit parent, showing the need to increase the availability of birth control to all. A person like this needs counseling and removal of her parental rights until she fully knows the consequences of her actions and her responsibility as a parent.

  • Anonymous 2 years ago

    Geez! She could have left the baby with the child’s father if she wanted to go out and party! What a piece of crap!

  • Kathy 2 years ago

    She doesn’t deserve that baby. Hopefully she and the father aren’t together, and he can raise her. Let her waste her life drinking in a bar. Witch.

  • Brother Ray Bensing sr 2 years ago

    Here tubes should be tied!?

  • Anonymous 2 years ago

    I wouldn’t leave a PET in a freezing car. Some potential parents should pass training and a test B 4 doing anything that might cause conception. WELL that’s not going to happen, is it ? I appreciate.your idea Brother Roy, AND the baby s Father should be Neutured ; dont you think?

  • Anonymous 2 years ago


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