A father and his two children were asleep inside their Oklahoma home on Wednesday night when they were suddenly surround by flames.

According to the Sun Herald, the 17-year-old daughter awoke around 1 a.m. in the living room of their mobile home, where police believe the fire first started.

She quickly fled outside and alerted the family’s neighbor, Francisco Sanchez, to get help. He told KXII:

“The daughter is coming, knocking on my door and when I see it I’m scared because I don’t know what’s going on.”

The injured teen also managed to get ahold of police.

But while she was desperately getting help, her paralyzed father, James Cummins, and 13-year-old brother were still inside.

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According to Love County Sheriff Marty Grisham, the teen stayed inside the home to try and get his 60-year-old father into a wheelchair and out of the house.

Grisham said the boy was sleeping in the living room near his sister, but didn’t run outside. He said:

“This family is just sleeping and the son is doing what he can to protect and save his dad.”

Sadly, the boy’s heroic actions came to a tragic end.

Both the father and his young son died from smoke inhalation before they could be rescued by firefighters, the Daily Ardmoreite reports.

The mother and other daughter were out buying propane when the fire broke out, and the family was using multiple space heaters to keep warm.

The Sun Herald reports that police now believe that one of the heaters started the fire in the living room. An investigator with Oklahoma Fire Marshall’s office told the Daily Ardmoreite:

“They need to be at least three feet from any combustible material and not operated while plugged into an extension cord.”

According to Consumer Reports, space heaters cause about 25,000 fires and 300 deaths per year. For safety, heaters should only be used on nonflammable surfaces and have automatic shut-off features.

The children have not been identified by police because they are minors. Watch coverage of the story below:

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