The little girl was standing on the side of the highway, weeping because she was afraid her mother might die. She ended up saving her mom’s life.

As Q13 News reports, it was about 1:30 in the morning of Aug. 3 when police heard there had been a car accident on State Route 512 near Puyallup, Washington. But when authorities came out to investigate the calls, they found no signs of the crash.

Soon after came calls about a little girl who was standing by the road in the middle of the night, crying.

According to the News Tribune, state troopers found the girl at about 3:35 a.m. She was only 5 or 6 years old, and she was crying because she was worried that her mom might die.

The girl had no injuries, but she and her mother had been in a car accident that sent their SUV and a Honda Civic flying off the road and into the bushes. The driver and passengers in the Civic had climbed out of their car, walked down the road, and driven away in an Uber.

The girl’s mother, however, was still in her vehicle.

The girl led police to the overturned SUV, which was hidden by brush and far enough from the road for troopers to miss it in the dark. Inside, her mom was conscious but had suffered broken ribs, legs, and internal bleeding. She was taken to the hospital and underwent surgery later that day.

Trooper Brooke Bova of the Washington State Patrol told KOMO News that the girl should be commended for her courage:

“Her getting out of the car probably saved her mom’s life.”

Investigators believe the driver of the Civic was responsible for the crash. They have since located the driver and passengers and learned that they fled the scene because the driver didn’t have a license.

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