Lancaster County Sheriff’s Office

Morgan Joyce Varn, 24, was arrested on April 24 after inviting an unidentified man to her home, smashing his cellphone, and stealing his money.

According to a report released by the Lancaster County Sheriff’s Office, a man named Jonathan Mikael Robinson allegedly robbed the man at gunpoint inside Varn’s home. The victim escaped and called 911.

When police officers arrived at the scene, they demanded that Varn, Robinson, and three other people get out of the house. Hours later, a SWAT team was called to remove them.

On Friday, police posted her photograph on Facebook to get more information from the public.

Armed Robbery Two people were arrested in connection with the report of an armed robbery Monday night, April 24, 2017….

Posted by Lancaster County Sheriff's Office SC on Friday, April 28, 2017

Immediately, people started commenting on the color of Varn’s eyes and the tattoos on her face.

A few people who knew Varn shared a link to a news story that had been reported in the Herald in April 2015.

At that time, York County police officers helped deliver Varn’s baby girl.

Many people were stunned by her dramatic transformation in two years.

According to her friends, the young mom’s transformation actually happened within the past year. She got most of her new tattoos after she gave birth to her second child.

Olivia DeVore, who identified herself as Varn’s sister “but not by blood,” told Independent Journal Review that her best friend is a good person who got stuck in an unfortunate situation:

“She has such a big heart for animals and loves taking care of people who are in need. Morgan was adopted and had a tough upbringing. I’m not trying to make excuses for her, and she does need help, but she doesn’t deserve to be in prison. I just hope she’s OK.”

Olivia DeVore

She said that Varn had gotten in trouble before and had previously been involved with drugs, but she had been on the right track the past three years:

“She was truly trying her best and spending more time with her kids, but sometimes drugs will overcome you. Especially if you don’t get the right help or surround yourself with people that truly want to help you.”

DeVore moved away from North Carolina a few months ago and hasn’t been around Varn recently.

Olivia DeVore Olivia DeVore

But she said that the man Varn robbed was a previous boyfriend who had stolen from her before:

“The man who called the cops got $70 taken and she smashed his phone. But they dated years ago. He’s stolen her TV from her, not to mention he has also stolen a lot of money and jewelry from her parents. I think it’s his karma and she doesn’t deserve this.”

She wasn’t sure why Varn decided to tattoo her eyes black, but she said her friend loves tattoos and her eyes normally look “cool” when she’s dressed up. Before the police photograph was taken, DeVore believes Varn might have been crying.

Facebook/Morgan Varn

DeVore still has hope for Varn and wants to see her achieve her dreams to become a tattoo artist. She wanted to speak out to remind people to be kind and not to judge people based on looks.

She didn’t comment on her friend’s criminal actions, but she wanted to let people know there was much more to her story: “This is truly an unfortunate set of circumstances, but she’s so strong. Nothing can break this woman down.”

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