Forsyth County Sherrif’s Deputies have released new photos of a newborn baby girl who was found abandoned in the woods behind a family’s home.

As previously reported by Dearly, baby “India” was discovered by a family returning home from vacation. Police said she was wrapped in a plastic grocery bag on June 6 when Good Samaritans heard her cries coming from behind their home.

11 Alive

The department is working to find the child’s parents. WJBF reports a Georgia mother’s missing newborn raises suspicions as police try to figure out the identity of India’s mom and dad.

According to authorities, Tabatha R. Moss, was charged for giving a false statement after allegedly lying about what she did with her infant after physicians at University Hospital accused her of recently giving birth.

The 32-year-old reportedly sought medical treatment at the hospital for bleeding and doctors discovered that Moss delivered a child days before her arrival.

11 Alive

However, Moss has changed her story many times and investigators aren’t sure if there is a missing baby.

The Augusta woman told the Richmond County Officers a number of stories: she denied being pregnant, said she miscarried and flushed the baby, she also said she put her dead newborn in a bag and threw it away.

As questions surround Moss’ story, police continue to ask for help in locating India’s parents.

**Update on Baby India** We continue to follow any and all leads in regards to the abandonment of baby India; however,…

Posted by Forsyth County Sheriff's Office on Monday, June 10, 2019


Anyone with any information about the investigation should contact Detective T. Conner at 770-781-2222 extension 5920.

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Police Release New Photos in Search for Abandon Baby’s Missing Mom, and a Woman’s Story Raises Questions

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