Sharon Markle was trying to mow her lawn in the summer heat when the police car pulled up.

As WPMT News reports, Markle acknowledges that it can be difficult to do yard work even at the best of times.

She explained that she has “75 percent arthritis in this knee that’s really been bothering me lately, and some days are easier than others.”

On July 4, Markle was struggling to mow the grass in the front yard of her home in York County, Pennsylvania when she noticed a police car stop close by. Markle told WPMT that as the officer walked toward her, she could only wonder what she did wrong to come to the attention of the police:

“She got out of the car and she started to come towards me and I didn’t know what she was going to do! I thought what did I do?!”

But when Officer Bridgette Wilson walked up, she wasn’t there to give Markle a ticket. She was there to help. Markle told WPMT:

“She said, ‘I’m taking over,’ and she grabbed the mower and started mowing the grass.”

Markle added:

“I’m like, ‘Wow!’ I couldn’t believe it and I said, ‘Are you sure?’ And she said, ‘Yeah go sit down! Your face is all flushed.’ I’ve never had anybody really do anything like for me just come in and take over, she’s awesome.”

Though still on-duty, Wilson took the time to mow Markle’s entire lawn.

When she was done, Markle thanked the officer and asked if she owed Wilson anything for her help:

“She said, ‘Just a smile.’ And then she got in her car and drove away.”

The police officer’s act of kindness didn’t go unnoticed. A neighbor caught Wilson mowing the lawn on video and shared it to Facebook. Soon, hundreds of people had commented on the post, praising Wilson for helping a stranger.

The law enforcement community also chimed in to compliment Wilson.

Wilson later told WPMT that she believes there are many ways to protect and serve, and mowing Markle’s lawn was what was needed that day.

Markle said she’s grateful to the officer, who reminded her that there is always kindness in the world:

“There are good people out there that are willing to help. I’ll always be thankful to her.”

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