Fifty-two children died after being left in a hot car in 2018. According to the National Safety Council, in the last 20 years, 2018 “was the deadliest year on record.”

Now, a police department in Missouri is hoping their invention will help prevent more parents from accidentally leaving their children in the back seat.

On June 25, the O’Fallon, Missouri Police Department shared a picture of the free sign they are offering to parents with small children.

In the continuing effort to provide the best level of service possible to our residents, the OPD is offering these…

Posted by O'Fallon Missouri Police Department on Tuesday, June 25, 2019

The yellow and black sign is meant to be hung behind the driver’s rearview mirror. It reads:


The department wrote, in part:

In the continuing effort to provide the best level of service possible to our residents, the OPD is offering these rearview mirror reminders to ensure your most prized possession is safe.

So far this year, 13 children have died in the US after being left in hot cars, including one in St. Louis County earlier this month. Hangers are free to the public…

According to Kids and Cars, the most dangerous mistake a parent can make is thinking it can’t happen to them:

 The most dangerous mistake a parent or caregiver can make is to think leaving a child alone in a vehicle could never happen to them or their family. In over 55% of these cases, the person responsible for the child’s death unknowingly left them in the vehicle.

Kids and Cars also reports that a car can heat up to 125-degrees in roughly 10 minutes and that a child’s body can overheat three to five times faster than an adult body.

One of the most common contributions to forgetting a child inside of a vehicle are distractions:

A change in daily routine, lack of sleep, stress, hormone changes, fatigue, and simple distractions are things ALL new parents experience and are just some of the reasons children have been unknowingly left alone in vehicles.

It’s unclear if other departments all over the country will start giving these signs out as well.

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2 Replies to “Police Department Offers ‘Free’ Sign to Help Prevent Parents From Forgetting Their Children in the Back Seat”

  • Karen 2 years ago

    Back before airbags, children in carseats were upfront and you seldom heard about a child being accidentally left in the car. Just out of curiousity, are there any statistics on how many children died because of airbag injuries as opposed to how many die from being forgotten in the back seat?

  • mary 2 years ago

    Sign or no sign, if you have a baby, just check the car seat, every single time. Schedules get changed, routine gets interrupted, minds fill with a big to do lists etc…if you have a baby, are caring for a baby, just check the car seat. It takes a second to save a lifetime of agony.

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