In the early morning hours of Tuesday, March 27, multiple shots rang out at the Cranbrook Motel in Detroit, Michigan.

According to WDIV, a man was walking across the motel’s parking lot when he heard people arguing and then shots firing. He was hit by some of the gun fire but is expected to survive.


The shooting, however, led to an unusual discovery.

During an investigation following the incident, police found a motel room window with a bullet hole through it. Inside the motel room, authorities found two children under the age of two… alone.

Now, police are looking for their guardians.

As WDIV reports, anyone with information regarding the children and their parents is asked to call the Detroit Police Department.


Nick Monacelli, a reporter for WDIV, took to Twitter to aid in the search for the childrens’ guardians.

He wrote alongside photos of the kids:

Shooting at motel, cops find bullet hole in room window – and inside find 2 precious kids left alone. Do you know them?

So far, it is unclear what spurred the shooting and whether the children’s guardians had anything to do with it.

It is also unknown how long the kids were left alone in the motel room. Thankfully, they were unharmed by the bullet that struck the window.

There are still no known leads in the investigation.

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