On February 27, police were called to TerriLynn St. John’s home after her children’s grandparents found the kids alone in her home, the front door wide open.

According to NBC 12, police became suspicious about the mom’s disappearance when they found her cell phone in a bush and a broken necklace in the yard, indicating a struggle may have occurred.

St. John’s car was found still parked at her home.

The Middlesex County Sheriff’s Office is still currently searching for the 23-year-old. She has been described as five-feet-six-inches tall, weighing around 130 pounds with blond hair and blue eyes. She has several tattoos including “R.J.M.” on her right wrist, a princess crown on her left wrist, and a cross on her ring finger.”

She was last seen wearing a blue Outer Banks hoodie.

The AWARE foundation said that she was last heard from the same morning she disappeared. Her home is located in Wake, Virginia, where she recently moved.

According to WTVR, persons of interest have since been question in the mom’s disappearance. However, it’s unclear if there are any leads.

Family close to St. John say they believe someone was watching her car as she prepared to take her kids to daycare. They believe the struggle took place around 7:30 a.m. Her father told WTVR:

“They looked through the woods and you could definitely tell there has been a struggle beside my daughter’s car. Jewelry was all around, like it had been broken off, her cell phone was found in the bushes.”

Michael Sampson of the Middlesex County Sheriff’s Office said in a statement:

“We’ve contacted family and friends. We’ve done searches throughout the area by air and on foot, and we’ve called neighboring jurisdictions out to assist with K9s. We know it is all over social media right now and if anybody has any information about this to please call the sheriff’s office.”

St. John’s father said that he is doing his best to keep it together:

“I know I’ve got to keep myself together and do my best, so they can find TerriLynn.”

Anyone with information regarding St. John’s disappearance should contact the Middlesex County Sheriff’s Office.

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