The Cobb County Police Department has gained national attention after a video was released of an officer arresting a 12-year old at the Cumberland Mall in Atlanta, Georgia.

WSBTV reports that the department’s chief, Michael Register said he launched in an internal investigation because of the viral video and the many complaints from the public.

However, after looking into the situation, Register said the officer acted well within his rights and that everyone is only seeing a small part of what really happened.

“He was conducting a legal investigation, and the young man was trying to be verbally combative. He told he police officer ‘I don’t have to speak with you and I know my rights.'”

Register told WSBTV that the officer was investigating the Cumberland Mall’s claim that this was the young rapper’s third warning about trespassing for attempting to sell his CD’s on the premises.

Corey “Lil C-Note” Jackson is a well-known child rapper that has once appeared on the “Ellen Show.” He has over 38,000 followers on his Instagram, where the video was posted.

According to Register, an integral part of the confrontation didn’t end up on video.

He said that the confrontation initially started after the young boy became combative after mall security approached him about selling CD’s on the premise, once again.

After the incident, security called the police officer and Jackson attempted to bend to officer’s fingers back and push him away.

However, the video begins with the officer grabbing the young boy by the arms and telling him, “You’re going to jail.”

Coming to her nephew’s defense, Jackson’s aunt pleaded with the officer to release her nephew and speak to his father on the phone.

“Chase? Where are you Chase? He got his hands on him… He’s not doing anything. He got his rights. He’s not even doing anything right now sir. I have his father on the phone and you won’t even speak to him.”

After the officer refused and started to walk away with Jackson, his aunt and the officer got into a scuffle. She was later charged with felony obstruction. Jackson was released into the custody of his father.

Register said the aunt should have de-escalated the situation:

“I wish the aunt, who is an adult, would simply have tried to de-escalate the situation,” Register said.

He told WSBTV that the officer is still on duty, but due to death threats, he has had to delete his social media.

Watch the video below:

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  • Anonymous 2 years ago

    That whole culture only understands one thing…violence. There is no de-escalating with them. Anytime they are confronted they assume an offensive position. They dont believe that they have to follow the rules because they are black

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