On any given day, 13 percent of Americans consume some amount of pizza, according to a 2014 U.S. Department of Agriculture study. Each person in the U.S. eats approximately 46 slices per year, according to The Week.

Needless to say, Americans love pizza.

But what about the people who deliver them?


Pizza delivery men and women encounter a huge portion of the country’s population, so, naturally, they must have some sizzling stories to tell.

Now, thanks to the Reddit thread “Tales from the Pizza Guy,” people can finally catch a glimpse into the lives of those who knock on nearly every door in the nation.


In one post, a user revealed that, like any job in the service industry, tipping can be a point of contention. When one customer sent his child to the door, however, the delivery person knew it wasn’t going to end in his favor:

Yesterday I delivered and I saw a kid come to the door. Inside my head I was thinking oh great a lazy parent who sends their kid who steals the tip.

And, as it turned out, he was right:

Sure enough he counts one dollar over and keeps the other 7$ for himself.

But before he drove away, he heard the kid’s father actually step in:

As I go to get in my car whispering under my breath “f**king kids” I hear the dad shout to the kid “What the hell are you doing boy? The rest of that money is his too. Hurry up and go give it to him. You have your allowance.” He comes walking up to me in the car as I’m about to drive off “Here you go, my dad said I can’t keep this. I’m sorry.”


Naturally, the delivery guy used this rare opportunity to teach the child a lesson:

I responded to him “Your dad understands we aren’t paid a livable wage, and that tips make or break us. It’s okay! Thank you so much, and tell your father I said thank you.”

After users read his account of what happened, some commented with their own experience of being stiffed:

I had a kid do this to me once. The dad usually gives the kid a $20 for a tip which is awesome. One day, the kid comes, no tip. I actually sent the dad a text message saying, “Hello, I think your son may have forgotten to add a gratuity. Did you care to add one to your credit card receipt? Thank you so much!” Dad responds, “Add $20.”


But others admitted that they haven’t always been the best tippers until they worked in the service industry themselves:

… I’ve always tried to be a decent tipper, but I’ll confess that my tipping history for delivery folks wasn’t great until I delivered newspapers for a year and a half, I can count on the fingers of one hand the number of people who gave me a tip at Christmas. I fumed to my husband “I’m pretty sure they think pixies deliver their papers while they’re sleeping.”

Now, delivery people get 20% from me, if not more.

Those who deliver pizzas deal with all kinds of people and, judging by this Reddit thread, they deserve to be paid well for it.

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