Dogs truly are a human’s best friend. 

When they sense danger, dogs will most often leap to the rescue like the loyal creatures they are. 

In this particular case, the hero dog Petey sacrificed his own life for his humans.


According to WXYZ, Kyle Brown’s family home was the location a suspected gunman ran after a “botched carjacking.” Brown said:

“As soon as I made eye to eye contact with him, I could tell by the look in his eyes and by his intent, he knew what he was doing, and it was an opportunity.”

Petey, the family pup, sensed danger and lept to defend his family by attacking the gunman. Sadly, the suspect shot at the pit bull, hitting Petey in the face and killing him. Brown recalled:

“The only thing I heard was, ‘Boom boom boom boom.’ There were several gunshots.”

When the gunman came to the door of the home, Brown tried to work as quickly as he could to get his 10-year-old son and his seven-year-old friend Tommy out of the house. Tommy froze and was “barricaded” in the home with the gunman. Fortunately, he was released hours later.

Although police have not released any information on the suspect and the corresponding charges, the gunman did give himself up.

The Browns are left missing a member of their family — Petey the “runt.” Brown told his son:

“Petey didn’t make it, but you can’t be upset with him. He not only saved my life but he saved our lives.”

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