Pop songstress Pink and her husband, Carey Hart, are currently traveling around the world with their two children as part of the singer’s Beautiful Trauma Tour. 

But the parents hit a speed bump this week when their kids, 7-year-old Willow and 1-year-old Jameson, both came down with illnesses, Dearly previously reported.

Jameson was diagnosed with hands-foot-and-mouth disease (HFM), a contagious viral infection that left him with a nasty rash. 

Since the virus is only spread through bodily fluids, Hart still took his son out to breakfast — and quickly got slammed for it. 

After posting a photo of his son to Instagram and revealing he took him out to eat, the dad and his wife were flooded with negative comments. 

One fan wrote

Pink I love you but why would you take him to breakfast looking like that?… People don’t know what is going on for all they know he has something contagious so it’s only human to be grossed out or at least concerned.

Now, the dad is clapping back.

He responded to the fan’s comment:

Are you serious???? You are what’s wrong with this judgmental world.

Hart also clarified that he wasn’t letting his son “eat off other people’s plates.”

Hart then posted another photo, showing his son being pushed in a wagon. He joked in the caption that he was busy spreading Jameson’s illness. 


Jameson and I out infecting the world ? #PediatricianSaysHeIsGoodButIWillTakeYourWord

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He said:

Jameson and I out infecting the world ? #PediatricianSaysHeIsGoodButIWillTakeYourWord

Despite fans’ concerns, the father said that their pediatrician wasn’t worried about little Jameson spreading the illness. 

Many fans called Hart’s response “hilarious” and wished the boy a speedy recovery. 

It seems Hart isn’t letting any dad-shaming keep him down.

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