Singer Pink and actor Reese Witherspoon have a whole lot in common. Both are loving mothers, buxom blondes, and wildly successful in their respective fields.

But when the two stopped by “The Ellen DeGeneres” show this week to play a risqué game of “Never Have I Ever,” they couldn’t have reacted more different, according to BuzzFeed.

Screenshot/Ellen DeGeneres Show

Pink and Reese were both given paddles labeled “I Have” and “I Have Never” before answering a firestorm of embarrassing question from the host. And things got off to an awkward start…

Ellen first asked the women if they had “ever received or given a lap dance to a stranger.” Both were quick to hold up their “I Have Not” signs before Ellen surprised them with her own “I Have” answer.

Apparently, the hilarious talk show host at one point received a lap dance from “Magic Mike” star, Channing Tatum.

Pink quickly shot back at the host:

“Of course you have. That’s, like, your thing.”

Next up was a cringe-worthy question that most moms wouldn’t want to answer on network television.

Ellen asked Pink and Witherspoon if they had ever “done it in a public place” — and their reactions were hilarious.

Pink was quick to hold up her “I Have” paddle, but the “Big Little Lies” actor was a bit more shy.

Witherspoon asked Ellen:

“What is ‘it’?”

Ellen laughed and insisted that the Hollywood A-lister knew what “the subject matter” was. Witherspoon then held up her “I Have” sign and responded:

“Alright, I have no follow-up questions. I will answer as long as there are not follow-up questions.”

But of course, the host couldn’t let the ladies get off that easy. Ellen asked Pink where “it” happened, and the songstress proudly revealed she’d gotten intimate in a park.

Screenshot/Ellen DeGeneres Show

But Ellen she turned to Witherspoon to get more details, the host got blasted. The actor said:

“I said no follow-up questions!”

Despite the awkward moment, Pink and Witherspoon were good sports about the whole game. And they’re not the only stars who gave up some surprising information on “Ellen” this week.

When actors Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg stopped by the show to promote their latest film, “Daddy’s Home 2,” as Dearly previously reported, Wahlberg revealed that he went into protective dad mode when he learned his teen daughter had started chatting with Ferrell’s teen son on Instagram recently.

Looks like the popular talk show host is getting a major earful this week. You can watch Pink and Witherspoon’s “Never Have I Ever” game below:

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