Pop singer Pink isn’t shy when it comes to sharing her journey through motherhood.

The musician often posts candid moments of her life with her husband and two loving children, 6-year-old Willow and 1-year-old Jameson, on social media.

But now, Pink is getting called out for safety skills as a parent thanks to a photo of her little boy she posted to Instagram.


It started on Wednesday when the mom posted a picture of little Jameson wearing dad Carey Hart’s motocross helmet.

Hart held onto the oversized helmet as mom snapped a photo of her son making a sweet face at the camera, Entertainment Tonight reports.

She captioned the photo, “Safety First.” But fans were quick to criticize the mom for her decision to let the toddler wear his dad’s helmet.

Many claimed that it’s weight could be difficult for his small neck to support. Some Instagram users wrote:

The weight of that helmet could cause strain on such a little neck. Get it off #safetyfirst.

That helmet weighs more than he does! Did he tumble?

*Lets go of child…child crashes to floor.* Good thing he’s wearing a helmet!

That helmet is gonna knock that baby over…

OMG! That thing weights as much as he does! Get that off his head! He’s like…What?

Jameson’s father is a former freestyle motocross racer, according to Rolling Stone.


Pink hasn’t responded to the recent criticism on her photo, but she’s commented on mom-shaming in the past.

After running into a fan and fellow mother who applauded her for her parenting, the pop star said she made a realization. In December, she told her fans:

It’s so hard. Y’all. I wish us mamas could give ourselves and each other a break.

Other fans called out the “parent police” for bashing Pink’s photo.

Regardless, it seems the mom will keep raising her kids how she wants no matter what others online think.

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