Pop singer and mother of two Pink has always stood by her parenting decisions when it comes to 7-year-old Willow and 1-year-old Jameson. 

The mom has been very open about raising her children the way she and husband Carey Hart see fit, including the decision to maintain a “label-less” household in regards to gender.

But now, Pink and her husband are facing backlash over photos of their daughter. Many fans are shaming the Hollywood parents for allowing the 7-year-old child to have dyed purple hair. 

Hart showed off his daughter’s new look in an Instagram post last month, just before her seventh birthday.

He captioned the photo: 

Have you met my daughter Wednesday Addams??? Love you munchkin. #MyDaughterIsMorePunkThanYours

Pink posted a video of her with her family just a few days later. She joked that her daughter was a “teenager” and showed off Willow’s new color. 

The mom told the camera, “purple hair, don’t care.”


Purple hair don’t care

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Some fans criticized the parents for using “chemicals” on their daughter’s hair. One Facebook user wrote

I don’t think kids should dye their hair. They will have the rest of their life to cover up gray probably. I hate to see young people with hair that is damaged because of coloring it so much.

But other’s jumped to the mom’s defense. An Instagram user wrote

To all the “parent police” out there – 1.) Not your child. 2.) It’s ONLY HAIR. 3.) When you have kids you have to pick your battles! 4.) It’s ONLY HAIR & SHE ROCKS IT!!

Pediatric dermatologist Latanya T. Benjamin told Yahoo Lifestyle that there are some potentially harmful substances in permanent hair dye. She said:

“There are many chemicals that a child could potentially absorb or have an adverse reaction to.”

However, more temporary semipermanent colors often don’t have the same harsh chemicals, meaning there’s a chance that the dye used on Willow was completely safe.

In more recent photos, it appears the dye washed out, so it likely wasn’t a permanent color.

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