Amy Cutler, the owner of Gypsy Tree Photography, was approached by Katlyn Mitchell, a young mom-to-be looking to have her document her pregnancy.

But this photoshoot was unlike any shoot Amy has done before.

“For weeks leading up to the shoot, I’ve been praying for the ability to make this session a special one,” Amy tells Liftbump. “Going into the shoot, I felt like everyone’s emotions were on high.”

Image Credit: Gypsy Tree Photography

Katlyn had a special request for the photographer.

“Katlyn asked me if I would be willing to try to capture a family photo by editing her boyfriend in one of their pictures,” Amy said on her Facebook page. “I had played around with the idea in my head and prayed that I could make this reality for them.”

Katlyn’s boyfriend was a firefighter and on March 3, 2015, he was called out to a house fire.

When Jeff was exiting the house, the porch collapsed on top of him. According to Amy, Jeff hung on as long as he could. But he unfortunately passed away a week later from the injuries he sustained that night.

“Jeff knew that he and his girlfriend were expecting a baby in July, and he was so over-the-moon excited,” Amy explained. “Sadly, he never got to hear that he was having a son.”

While taking the photo that caught the attention of thousands, Amy tells Liftbump that as she was looking through the camera lens, she saw countless butterflies all around Katlyn as she stood there, looking down on her growing baby boy, imagining his father standing behind her.

Image Credit: Gypsy Tree Photography

While the day was full of laughter and memories, this moment was an emotional one.

Katlyn’s excitement shined through when she saw the finished photo, and the message Katlyn’s mom had for Amy will stay with her forever.

“The message I received from her mother is one I’ll cherish forever,” Amy tells Liftbump. “She thanked me for creating such beautiful pictures and for putting a smile on her daughter’s face.”

It’s the sessions like the one she had with Katlyn, that reminded Amy of just how blessed she is to be a part of such precious moments.

“These are the days I am so thankful for the gift God blessed me with,” Amy writes. “When it allows me to give a family picture to a sweet girl, to show her the symbolism that he will always be with her and give her sweet little one something to remember his Daddy, the hero.”

Image Credit: Gypsy Tree Photography

Katlyn and Jeff’s little boy may never meet his daddy, but with a picture like this that symbolizes what his father stood for, there is no doubt that this child will grow up proud of his firefighter.

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