Katie Liepold was busy planning her 2018 wedding with her fiancé when she turned to Facebook to solicit recommendations for a wedding photographer.

Among the nearly 20 recommendations she received was Tower Photography in Medina, Ohio. The company not only offered Liepold two hours worth of reception coverage, but they also threw in an engagement session for just $600.

Liepold told News 5 Cleveland that they didn’t really need engagement photos, but because it was part of the package, they did it.

After putting down a $150 deposit, Liepold, her fiancé, and photographer Linda Silvestri got together for the engagement shoot. The bride-to-be admitted that the session went swimmingly:

“We laughed, we talked, we joked, we shared stories.”

It was after the shoot, however, that things went south. According to Liepold, not only were some of the pictures she received from the photographer “blurry and taken at weird angles,” but one photo looked as if Silvestri photoshopped 30 pounds off of both Liepold and her fiancé.

The bride-to-be felt fat-shamed.

It made it feel as though her “pictures weren’t good enough to be left alone.” Liepold reached out to Silvestri to let her know the images weren’t “exactly what [she] thought [she] was going to get.”

Silvestri responded back by saying she could cancel her contract, but that their $150 deposit was nonrefundable.

Days after the fallout, Liepold stumbled upon a Facebook page called “Northeast Ohio Wedding Professionals Only” where she found a post written by Silvestri ranting about her and her “morbidly obese” fiancé.

The post, which has since been taken down, read, in part:

And people wonder why I have scaled back on my photography business. Last week I did an engagement session for a morbidly obese couple. Just from the way they were picky about certain things during the session, I knew they were going to be a PITA. First of all, their four unruly dogs had to be in the pics, next to a lake of course, which of course had ducks, ugh. Then their truck had to be in the pics. Of course it was parked in the direct sun because there was no shade anywhere to be found. It had DISASTER written all over it.

She “loved” the preview then picked apart the images once she got them. Even though the contract says they get delivered on a disc, she then asked for a jump drive. No problem.

I simply sent her a message and offered to void the contract for the wedding since she only liked “25%” of the 110 images I delivered. I told her I just wanted her to be happy with her wedding images. Problem solved? Um no, I forgot to remove the grass and the mud stains from his pants and of course they didn’t like the lighting in the truck pics even though I told them there were squinting.

I wish whoever ends up with these two good luck. It is extremely difficult to get Pinterest-worthy lovey dovey pics when people can’t even get their heads close to each other.

First pic she was upset I gave her a chin tuck. Second pic was as close as their heads can get without straining.

Liepold responded to the post by saying:

“Bad lighting and blurry pictures isn’t caused by fat.”

She then told News 5 that she “is sharing her story to warn other brides-to-be and to get her deposit back”:

“I didn’t pay her $150 to have her make fun of me on a site.”

Silvestri, who refused to go on camera, told News 5 that she “kept the $150 deposit since she spent two hours taking their engagement photos” and that she “apologized for photoshopping the couple to make them look thinner.”

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